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2022 threat predictions: Ransomware, ransomware, ransomware

Graduating from being known mostly in the tech and cybersecurity communities, ransomware made the leap into the consciousness of the public at large over the last year, thanks to attacks grabbing mainstream headlines and affecting the everyday lives of a significant number of people.

Many of the cyber professionals who submitted predictions for the upcoming year seem to think that the threat posed by groups infiltrating organizations’ systems and encrypting their data for a handsome payday will continue to be one of the top threats in 2022. Threats to or posed by supply chains, cryptocurrency and nation-states also received mentions from the experts.

But the predictions weren’t all doom and gloom: Some experts noted that cybersecurity may receive more attention from CEOs and boards in 2022, while information sharing will flourish along with ISACs.

Ransomware defenses need a refresh, says Carolyn Crandall, chief security advocate at Attivo Networks:

“Ransomware defenses must get a badly needed refresh. Ransomware 3.0 is here, characterized by double extortion, where cybercriminals not only encrypt files but also leak information online that can drastically impact everything from the company’s image, profits, and stock price. There’s no longer a one-size-fits-all approach to defending against these attacks. With over 300 variants, stopping ransomware requires a multi-faceted approach. One that starts with protecting Active Directory and privileged credentials. In 2022, organizations will be unable to keep up with understanding how each group operates and instead, will need to improve their visibility to exposures and add detection measures that are based on technique. Setting up traps, misdirections and speed bump lures along the way will also serve as strong deterrents to keep an attacker from being successful.”  

Read the full article by Stephen Weigand on SC Media.

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