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Alsid Acquisition Validates the Criticality of Active Directory Protection

Written by: Carolyn Crandall, Chief Security Advocate and CMO – Managing privileged access today is very different from prior years when organizations tried to confine systems and resources to inside the network as much as possible. Privileged access now extends from endpoints to the cloud and covers credentials, infrastructure, databases, and network devices. Given this shift, it has become progressively harder not only to authorize and authenticate user access but also to prevent an attacker from discovering identity permissions and credentials to leverage for their attacks.

Globally, 90%+ of all organizations use Active Directory for employee authentication, identity management, and access control. Unfortunately, per Forrester Research, privileged access abuse was a factor in 80% of all known security breaches. Not surprisingly, Active Directory has become a chief target for attackers seeking to obtain administrator access.

Alsid, like Attivo Networks, recognized that there is an opportunity to equip security teams better with the tools they need to assess risks in Active Directory and prevent attackers from exploiting them. I would like to congratulate the Alsid team on their exit and the Tenable team for making an astute acquisition and for shining additional light on the criticality of protecting privileged credentials and access.

Yes, Attivo does compete with Alsid on Active Directory assessment. However, we also work with their solutions to extend benefits into securing Active Directory with our ADSecure solution and ThreatPath technology, which provides visibility into exposed credentials, misconfigured ACLs, and attack paths by application and severity.

I am excited about the additional focus in the market, and with this, the extra visibility it should bring Active Directory protection to the forefront of every CISO’s mind. It’s time we stop attackers from so exploiting AD easily, and we have some extremely efficient and powerful tools to do so.

Congratulations again, Alsid and Tenable. It’s definitely a great day for the good guys!

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