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Attivo Networks Announces Two Integrations with FireEye to offer Real-Time, In-Network Threat Detection and Automated Response

­Combined Solution Reduces Time and Resources Required to Detect and Block Attacks and Collects Forensics to Help Organizations Avoid Future Attacks

Attivo Networks®, an award-winning leader in deception for cybersecurity threat detection, today announced it has integrated its ThreatDefend® solution with both FireEye Endpoint Security and FireEye Malware Analysis. As cybercriminals get more focused on targeting a specific business, user account, or system, organizations need solutions that automatically identify and block those threats while also collecting available forensic information to help them decrease the risk of future attacks.

The integrations address those critical requirements. The comprehensive solutions provide advanced threat detection and automated response as well as enhanced triage capabilities. These capabilities allow customers to reduce the time and resources required to detect threats, analyze attacks, and remediate infected endpoints, ultimately decreasing the risk of breaches and data loss.

Attivo ThreatDefend® Detection and Response Platform and FireEye Endpoint Security Integration

Quickly detecting and shutting down attackers that are already inside the network requires a new approach that expands on conventional techniques like signatures or behavioral detection. This combined solution is designed to automatically detect and block threats and quickly contain the attack to stop it from progressing. The combined solution also provides visibility into attack activity and collects forensic information to help decrease the risk of future attacks, reducing response times and streamlining investigations.

Attivo ThreatDefend® Detection and Response Platform and FireEye Malware Analysis

Whether an attacker uses stolen credentials, zero-day exploitation, ransomware, or simply starts as an insider, they work to establish a foothold and move laterally throughout the network and infect target systems. The integration of the Attivo BOTSink® Management Server and FireEye Malware Analysis automatically uploads payloads from infected decoys to FireEye Malware Analysis for review and to gather advance forensics information to block BOTs and APTs inside the network, isolating infected systems to contain the attack and stop data exfiltration.

“Cyber attackers have proven that they can infiltrate infrastructures of even the most security-savvy organizations,” said Marc Feghali, Attivo Networks vice president of product management. “Attackers have also proven that, once inside, they can evade internal security solutions and traverse the network undetected. By collaborating with FireEye, we are delivering combined solutions that provide organizations with automatic in-network attack detection and blocking to reduce response times, as well as the forensics they need to strengthen their defenses against future attacks.”

“Threats against organizations’ networks and data continue to grow in sophistication,” said Michelle Salvado, FireEye vice president of engineering and endpoint GM. “With our intelligence-led protection, detection and response capabilities, FireEye Endpoint Security delivers layered defense against known and unknown threats. With Attivo Networks, our joint customers benefit from advanced threat detection and automated response, along with enhanced triage capabilities, to help decrease risk.”

The integrated solutions are both available immediately. To learn more, register for the joint webinar entitled “Hunting Threats with FireEye and Attivo Networks” on Wednesday, August 5, at 11 am Pacific time. Also, read more in our partner briefs: Attivo Networks ThreatDefend Platform Integration with FireEye Endpoint Security, and Attivo Networks ThreatDefend Platform Integration with FireEye Malware Analysis.

About Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks®, the leader in deception technology, provides an active defense for early detection, forensics, and automated incident response to in-network attacks. The Attivo ThreatDefend®Deception Platform provides a comprehensive and customer-proven platform for proactive security and accurate threat detection within user networks, data centers, clouds, and a wide variety of specialized attack surfaces. The portfolio includes extensive network, endpoint, application, and data deceptions designed to misdirect and reveal attacks efficiently from all threat vectors. Advanced machine-learning makes preparation, deployment, and operations fast and simple to operate for organizations of all sizes. Comprehensive attack analysis and forensics provide actionable alerts and native integrations that automate the blocking, quarantine, and threat hunting of attacks for accelerated incident response. The company has won over 125 awards for its technology innovation and leadership. For more information, visit

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