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Attivo Networks Raises $15M Series B Funding To Provide In-Network Deception-Based Attack Detection, Analysis And Reporting

Traditional attacker prevention isn’t reliably working given the number of breaches that are occurring nearly every week. Attivo Networks takes a new approach by using deception-based detection to efficiently detect in-network threats that have bypassed traditional prevention security controls. Additionally, the ThreatDefend platform automates the analysis and incident handling of attacks, significantly improving incident response time. Below is our interview with Carolyn Crandall, CMO at Attivo Networks:

Q: Carolyn, you’ve recently announced $15 Million Series B funding round; could you tell us something more?

A: Attivo Networks has seen significant interest and sales growth for deception-based threat detection over the past two years. The growing market opportunity and the technology leadership Attivo has created was extremely attractive to new investors. This infusion of capital will be used to fuel the next round of Attivo sales expansion and additional technology



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