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Attivo-Quantea Joint Cybersecurity Solution Reduces Network Breach and Data Loss Risk in the Age of IoT and COVID-19

Quantea Corp. and Attivo Networks have announced a new joint cybersecurity solution amidst IoT innovation and the surge in cyberattacks during the pandemic.

The Attivo ThreatDefend® platform provides early and accurate detection of in-network threats, regardless of attack method or surface. When the Attivo solution identifies an attack and compromised devices, it shares attack data with the Quantea QP device and Quantea PureInsight® software. The Quantea solutions then provide access to a whole-packet, detailed and comprehensive history of the network data flowing through the infected system and all surrounding endpoints, allowing quick identification of all affected areas. Security professionals can then prioritize high-risk endpoints and immediately stop the attack before it compromises any other systems.

“Attivo and Quantea together provide advanced, real-time, in-network threat detection and improved incident response, allowing organizations to quickly and efficiently detect threats, analyze attacks, and remediate infected endpoints,” said Carolyn Crandall, Attivo Networks CMO. “The joint solution ultimately addresses the expanded attack surface and reduces risk related to IoT networks.”

In 2020 and beyond, the trend towards IoT marks the ever-increasing importance of network security across all government, non-profit, and for-profit entities and their duty to protect confidential and personal information. A Microsoft IoT Signals report estimates that 94% of businesses will use the Internet of Things by the end of 2021. Also, society has mostly adapted to remote working and learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in an increasing reliance on cloud storage, online video conferencing, and other products and services over the network. Due to these trends, enterprises and individuals are becoming more vulnerable to cyberattacks and network security breaches than ever before. The FBI has seen a 400% increase in cybersecurity complaints since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Attivo-Quantea joint solution will help protect people and organizations regardless of industry and function.

“The needs of the most uncertain time has produced an unprecedented number of attacks and innovation in cybersecurity. Cyberattacks have quadrupled since the start of COVID-19 due to a sudden increase of remote work and online activities in general. Quantea and Attivo’s combined efforts have created a full suite (deception, detection, and thorough analytics) to assist in mitigating cyberattacks. By leveraging the highly adaptive detection and concealment capabilities of Attivo and the holistic approach of Quantea, organizations now have the opportunity to strengthen their security posture during these times and in the future.” – Michael Francisco, Quantea CTO

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About Attivo

Attivo Networks®, the leader in cyber deception and lateral movement attack detection, delivers a superior defense for revealing and preventing unauthorized insider and external threat activity. The customer-proven Attivo ThreatDefend® Platform provides a scalable solution for derailing attackers and reducing the attack surface within user networks, data centers, clouds, remote worksites, and specialized attack surfaces. The portfolio defends at the endpoint, Active Directory, and throughout the network with ground-breaking innovations for preventing and misdirecting lateral attack activity. Forensics, automated attack analysis, and third-party native integrations streamline incident response. The company has won over 130 awards for its technology innovation and leadership. For more information, visit

About Quantea

As a pioneer in converging network analysis and data science, Quantea empowers enterprises to maximize operational potential, capture value, and drive growth like never before. Our technology provides organizations of all sizes with the capability of fully understanding their network. From a network’s macroscopic topology to nanoseconds-worth of network traffic, the QP Series enables an unprecedented amount of data to be recorded with a high level of granularity and accessibility, and the PureInsight® software allows network analysis not possible in any other network-recording platform. Whether it is resolving user or network anomalies, protecting or detecting intrusion, or capturing network or business intelligence, insight begins with Quantea. For more information visit,



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