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Experts in identity security and prevention, Attivo will showcase their latest technology to tackle identity-based attacks at GISEC 2022 in Dubai.

The company will be expanding its Active Directory Protection portfolio with capabilities to efficiently detect identity-based attacks at the domain controller from all endpoints. The latest technology will provide protection from attacks originating from Mac, Linux, IoT/OT, and unmanaged devices.

Ray Kafity, VP META at Attivo Networks, said: “We are thrilled to be the diamond sponsor at the largest cybersecurity event in the Middle East. Last year, there was a surge of attacks targeting Active Directory domain controllers to gain the privileges needed to install backdoors, change security policies, and distribute ransomware or malware.

“During GISEC 2022, we will introduce the new ADSecure-DC solution which provides threat protection from attacks originating from Windows as well as Mac, Linux, IoT/OT devices, and unmanaged devices which are limited in their ability to run traditional endpoint protection software.”

The Attivo Networks ADSecure-DC solution detects suspicious user behaviours using deep packet inspection and behaviour analytics and delivers high-fidelity alerts. Organisations gain AD security for attacks from managed and unmanaged systems, IoT and OT devices, and popular Windows and non- Windows (Mac, Linux) systems without interfering with domain controller operations. 

Srikant Vissamsetti, SVP of engineering at Attivo Networks, explained: “Active Directory services continue to be the powerhouse for all critical information and help adversaries to further their attacks easily and without detection.

“For organisations that are using a managed Active Directory service, the additional protection of domain controllers prevent attackers from carrying out ransomware, Kerberoasting, Silver Ticket compromise, Domain Replication and other advanced AD attacks.”

Additionally, Christopher M. Steffen, CISSP, CISA, Research Director at EMA Research, said: “In the cybersecurity world today, Active Directory is one of the most targeted assets by threat actors. By leveraging AD’s vulnerabilities, attackers can penetrate an enterprise’s entire network, and freely move undetected across multiple attack paths.

“However, enterprises today recognise the many risks and vulnerabilities Active Directory faces, making AD protection a top priority in 2022.”

Read the original article by Niamh Spence in Security Middle East Mag.

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