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The Attivo Guide to National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), a collaborative public- and private-sponsored campaign with the goal of bringing attention to the importance of cybersecurity. Awareness of cyber risks and education on how to improve cybersecurity strategies are the most powerful tools we have to combat the growing number of cyber threats each year. The premise of the campaign, which is now in its 14th year, is that the Internet is a shared resource and all online users have a shared responsibility to practice safe online habits at home, in the workplace and in our communities.

Recent cyber attacks like the Equifax, SEC EDGAR and Deloitte breaches highlight the need for greater cybersecurity awareness as the first step toward action to protect data more effectively. Despite the substantial investment in cybersecurity, breaches continue to happen at unprecedented rates. The average length of time that it takes to detect an intruder is 6 months or more – an abundant amount of time for attackers to find the information they are looking for and inflict significant damage, when left unchecked.

Cyber criminals are continuously evolving and using increasingly sophisticated and complex attack techniques. Moreover, attack surfaces are constantly changing and traditional cybersecurity measures have been unable to keep pace with the modern-day cyber attacker. The traditional prevention-based approach to cybersecurity is failing in our new connected society that lives without securable perimeters. A new approach is not only needed, it is critical.

The systemic problem is that organizations have become overly dependent on prevention infrastructure. This leads to a major gap in detection. So many organizations are focused solely on keeping attackers out; but have limited means to quickly and accurately detect attackers that have bypassed perimeter defenses and penetrated the network.

Organizations must have cybersecurity strategies that provide a balance of offensive and defensive security measures. This is only achieved through a shift from prevention-based security controls to more comprehensive and adaptive approach that includes early detection and rapid response capabilities.

October Cybersecurity Events in the U.S.

October is a popular month for cybersecurity events. Given that it is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and the importance of the campaign, we challenge you to attend at least one cybersecurity event this month.

Attivo will be actively participating in cybersecurity events across the globe throughout the month. If you’re attending any of the same events, please stop by to say hi and find out more about deception technology. You can also schedule a demo or meeting at your convenience.

Events in the West

Events in the Midwest

Events in the East

Do you know of other October Cybersecurity Events? Tweet us and we will share it with our network.

Join the Cause and Conversation

Attivo Networks® is proud to be a National Cyber Security Awareness Month Champion. Register your organization as a NCSAM Champion to show your support for the cause, receive online safety materials and the latest NCSAM information.

In the spirit of NCSAM, Attivo CEO Tushar Kothari will share #TusharTips every Tuesday and Thursday. Follow Tushar for useful cybersecurity tips and industry news.

Stay tuned for an Attivo blog series on spooktacular data breaches, the scariest cybersecurity practices and exciting company news.

Each week in October has a theme related to different aspects of cybersecurity:

Week 1 – Oct. 2-6: STOP. THINK. CONNECT.™: Simple Steps to Online Safety

Week 2 – Oct. 9-13: Cybersecurity in the Workplace Is Everyone’s Business

Week 3 – Oct. 16-20: Today’s Predictions for Tomorrow’s Internet

Week 4 – Oct. 23-27: The Internet Wants You: Consider a Career in Cybersecurity

Week 5 – Oct. 30-31: Protecting Critical Infrastructure From Cyber Threats

Every Thursday in October, the National Cyber Security Alliance is hosting a Twitter chat based on the current week’s theme. Join the chat at 3 p.m. EDT/noon PDT by using the hashtag #ChatSTC.

Join the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month conversation on social media throughout the month by using hashtags such as #NCSAM or #NCAM and #CyberAware.

We invite you to take action to help fulfill the vision of a safe, productive and free flow of information by getting involved in National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Together, we can bring down the nearly 2,000 successful data breaches taking place each year.

To find out more about deception technology and how it can provide accurate threat detection, analysis, and accelerated response to advanced, credential, insider, and ransomware attacks, view our free whitepapers and webinars or schedule a demo

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