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Attivo Networks Integrates Deception Technology with Juniper Networks SRX Series Firewall

I am pleased to share that today Attivo Networks® announced that its deception-based Attivo BOTsink® solution works as an integrated solution with the Juniper Networks® SRX Series security portfolio. With this integration, the BOTsink solution now works seamlessly with Juniper Networks’ Junos® Space Security Director and the Juniper Networks Spotlight Secure Threat Intelligence Platform to provide the SRX Series Services Gateways next generation firewalls the needed intelligence to block infected nodes from gaining Internet access and exfiltrating valuable company data.

How it works:

The Attivo deception platform creates a matrix of traps across networks, data centers, and clouds to detect cyber threats that have bypassed prevention systems and are propagating within the network. The BOTsink engagement server then uses dynamic deception techniques to lure attackers in and away from company servers that contain valuable assets. Once the attacker engages, attack forensics are captured and through the integration, are updated into the Juniper SRX Firewall so that the infected node is quarantined for remediation.

Value to joint customers:

Attivo Networks provides a complimentary line of defense to perimeter security solutions and detects cyber attacks that have by-pass all other security prevention solutions. Attivo dynamic deception provides the detection and visibility into BOTs and APTs that are in the network and through integration, the BOTsink solution will update the Juniper Networks SRX Series Firewalls to quarantine infected nodes dramatically reducing the time required for detection, quarantining, and remediation.

Joint customer business benefit: 

Attivo Networks and Juniper Networks joint business benefit is a defense in depth solution that combines the benefits of both prevention and detection. Customers will have best in class prevention from the Juniper SRX Firewall and detection of signature-less, stolen credential and insider attacks that have bypassed prevention systems. In real-time the Attivo BOTsink solution can detect the attacker, capture forensics, and provide the Juniper SRX firewall the required information to quarantine an infected end point preventing a cyber attacker from completing their mission.

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Carolyn Crandall
Chief Marketing Officer
Attivo Networks

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