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Black Hat: Coming Together is a Beginning

By Carolyn Crandall

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Black Hat anticipates that they had a 20% increase in attendance over the 15,000 that attended in 2016. Attendees flooded the halls with eager anticipation to discover new technologies and sharpen their skills to defeat the modern day cyber attacker. Deception technology demonstrated that it was top of mind for many of last week’s attendees. Attivo Networks upped the exhibition game with a never-been-done-before Deception Hall of Mirrors where attendees could experience an altered reality within a mirrored maze. Audio enhancements helped attendees understand how deception plays into an attack and attendees had some fun with form altering mirrors.

It was a fun and stimulating week discussing each attendee’s particular situation, and to be able to share how organizations can leverage deception technology to improve their detection and response to cyber-attacks. Interest spanned from attendees to analysts to partners to media coverage.

FOX News Features Attivo Networks

Last Thursday morning, FOX News shot a where we discussed the scope and sophistication of today’s threats and dove into the prominent role deception technology can play to detect in-network threats. FOX’s interest is a strong validation into the mainstream concerns about the rate breaches are occurring and an understanding that perimeter defenses may not be enough to stop an attack. The segment delved into how deception platforms can detect threats early that have bypassed other layers of security, and also got into some of the variety of deception techniques, decoys, and engagement servers we utilize to help organizations protect critical data.

The segment was a welcome opportunity to discuss threats and solutions to a wider audience beyond the security community. Additionally, after the recent Sabre reservation breaches, local Hotels and Casinos were impacted and demonstrated that they are high value targets for attackers, making this segment especially intriguing to the Las Vegas community. Check out the segment here.

A video crew from BBC also filmed our Deception Hall of Mirrors experience at the show as further validation of increasing attention on how cyber threats are evolving. Organizations must continuously update their defenses and deploy a layered security infrastructure to stay one step ahead of those attackers. See the recap now.

Ovum Recognizes Attivo Networks in New Report

Industry analyst group Ovum released its on Attivo last week, noting, “Attivo stands out for the dynamic nature of its deception technology, while its combination with response automation puts its product ahead of the pack in this market segment.”

In addition to highlighting our products and value proposition, it provides background into our management team and market position. It’s a valuable read and Ovum reinforces that our business strategy is on target, “Deception technology is still a relatively new area within cybersecurity, yet Attivo has already expanded beyond it into other segments, including response automation, which bodes well for its future in this emerging market.”

Attivo ThreatDefend Now Integrates with McAfee

At the show, we announced that the Attivo ThreatDefend™ platform now integrates with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator™ platform to provide a comprehensive solution with advanced threat management and response. This integration enables increased detection of in-network threats, detailed attack forensics, and accelerated incident response.

In addition, Attivo Networks has joined McAfee’s Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) partner program. Through this program, partners will work together to integrate ThreatDefend technology with McAfee’s Advanced Threat Defense, offering customers adaptive defense solutions to combat today’s threats, which are increasing in number and sophistication.

While Black Hat is over, we have a lot to do in keeping together for progress and working together for success. Look for new announcements from Attivo Networks in the coming months as we continue deliver innovation to change the balance of power between attackers and enterprises and in creating a deception hall of mirrors where what is real and what is not becomes increasingly more unclear to the attacker. One false step in actions or error in determining real from deception will dramatically increase attacker costs and ultimately foil their plans as their attack gets unraveled.

For those that are in the legal sector or couldn’t get your fill of Vegas, we’ll see you back on the strip for ILTACON in 2 weeks.

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