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Channel Partners “Go Far Together” with Attivo

By: Carolyn Crandall

An African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

There are many challenges that come with being a channel partner: margins are under pressure, customers’ expectations change daily, and new technologies emerge all the time that alter the market and competitive landscape.

A friend of mine, Tim Curran, CEO of the Global Technology Distribution Council, was often quoted to say, “Without products like yours, we have nothing to sell.” That said, in security there are more than 1,000 choices in vendor partners, all pitching that they have the latest and greatest technology that will solve today’s security gaps. They can’t all be, so to be successful, it’s critical you pick the best partner, but what is “best?”

Tom Richardson, Principal with iQ Solutions Group (“iQSG”), an Ohio-based IT solutions provider, notes that Attivo Networks further complements their Security practice, offering a unique, game changing threat defense approach for iQSG to introduce to their clients. “We are extremely impressed and encouraged by Attivo Networks strategy, an approach which will empower our clients to address in-progress threats, by deceiving and luring attackers into revealing themselves,” he commented.

At Attivo, we are committed to working with our channel partners to create long-term, sustainable and profitable growth. We work closely with our partners to build an adaptive defense, one that closes the detection deficit and adds to the value of other security infrastructure that they have sold to their customers.

There are five elements to our channel partner program that are designed for us to “go far together.”

Deception Is the Cornerstone of an Adaptive Defense

The right market and the right technology are the cornerstones to success. The deception market is rapidly becoming recognized as an integral security control within an enterprise’s adaptive defense strategy. Attivo channel partners have a unique opportunity to add value to their portfolio and differentiate themselves by adding deception technology into their offerings. Gartner analyst Peter Firstbrook recently defined deception as, “The most advanced approach for detecting threats within a network,” closing the detection deficit. Another Gartner analyst, Neil MacDonald, has called out deception as one of Gartner’s “Top Technologies for Security in 2017,” commenting, “Deception technology can be used to thwart or throw off a potential attacker. They allow enterprises to better detect attacks with a higher level of confidence in events detected,” recognizing the new approach and value that detection brings.

Among deception providers, Attivo is rapidly gaining customers, winning awards and being recognized for its technology innovation. Notably, at the recent Black Hat conference, we were featured on both FOX News and BBC. Attivo has also earned 14 awards in the first half of 2017 alone based on company growth and its advanced deception-based threat detection technology.

We Are Driven by Commitment to the Channel

Attivo is committed to driving profitable, strategic growth for our partners. Our executive team comprises industry veterans with extensive experience working with partners. We’ve built a partner-centric approach into every aspect of running Attivo – from product development to marketing and sales operations. The Attivo Networks Partner Program offers a comprehensive set of resources designed to aid partners in the promotion, selling and support of Attivo Networks solutions and services. You will have access to the sales, marketing and technical enablement resources required to optimize your opportunity, profitably and sales growth in the deception market.

Attivo Focuses on Mutual Success

We focus every day on supporting channel partners to generate leads, close deals, and expand sales opportunities. We drive demand through continuous, aggressive sales and marketing programs including seminars, email campaigns, advertising, media coverage, analyst reports and trade shows. We work collaboratively with strategic partners on closing leads from Attivo and partner-generated sales and marketing activities.

Attivo sales execs and service engineers are an invaluable resource to both close sales and seek out additional opportunities for partners to grow opportunities with customers through joint sales calls and implementation of proofs of value. Attivo has also aligned its sales territory model for ultimate regional sales alignment with the channel.

Training Programs Keep Your Team Up to Speed

In-depth product knowledge that is easy for channel partners to acquire and update is critical for success. We continuously engage with partners to deliver the sales and technical training that leads to sales.

In the field, Attivo sales managers regularly conduct on-site training events, arming partners with the information to identify sales opportunities, effectively articulate the ThreatDefend platform value proposition, address competitive situations, and more.

We offer ongoing online sales and technical training sessions to help partners ramp their knowledge local Attivo sales people or sales engineers can conduct these sessions live at times convenient to the channel partner. We also offer pre-scheduled webinars on topics especially relevant to partners. In fact, we held our quarterly partner update just last week. And partners don’t just hear from us, we periodically invite partners, analysts and customers to share their knowledge and perspective.

Customer Success Programs Are There Every Step of the Way

Attivo support professionals are there every step of the way to ensure customer success – from project design through installation assistance and post-sales support as needed for a successful, profitable deployment. We are proud of our customer retention and believe the greatest endorsement of success is the expansion or renewal of a customer deployment. With that in mind, Attivo has built out new customer success programs and has added to its team that supports customer programs, global customer support, and professional services. These groups work hand-in-hand with our partners to build and retain happy customer relationships.

Partner Rewards Recognize Commitment and Contributions

We are committed to driving our channel partners’ success and profitability. We offer aggressive incentives with an emphasis on rewarding partners for their commitment and contribution to building a mutually successful partnership. Attivo partners are eligible for a standard discount off list prices for hardware, software and support purchases as well as the ability to participate in the Attivo Deal Registration Program, which rewards partners for sourcing and supporting opportunities.

Mark Nield, Principal with iQSG who oversees iQSG’s services delivery, adds, “From an Attivo Networks partnership perspective, there is a tremendous opportunity for iQSG to further enhance our Security Assessments and Professional Services offerings, including building upon our ability to provide Managed Services and deeper integrations with our other market leading security solutions. We are inspired about the possibilities that may lie ahead, as we continue to focus on optimizing our clients’ security postures, addressing exposed security gaps.”

We encourage our current partners and newly-interested partners to engage with Attivo to discuss the ways we can contribute to your success. If you would like to learn more about becoming a partner, give us a shout at or reach out to your local account executive.

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