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Our Readers Favorite Blogs of 2019

Written by: Mackenzie Blaisdell, Senior Manager of Online Programs – Whether you are still soaking up the last few moments of the holiday season with family and friends or you’re back in the office kicking it into full gear, let’s take a quick moment to reminisce on our cybersecurity readers’ favorite blogs of 2019.

Attivo Perspectives on New Gartner Deception Solution Comparison – Written by our CEO Tushar Kothari.

This blog recaps Gartner’s research report comparing six threat deception platforms. The report goes into an extensive review on the breadth, depth, authenticity, and ease of use of deception platforms and clearly indicates Attivo Network’s leadership in the space. Dive deeper into Gartner’s findings here.

Attivo Networks ThreatDirect™ Deception in a Docker Container – Scaling with the Cisco Catalyst 9000 Family of Switches – Written by Joseph Salazar, Technical Marketing Engineer

This blog delves into Attivo Networks and Cisco Systemsmutually beneficial partnership and the capabilities this partnership now offers deception users. With the introduction of Attivo Network’s ThreatDirect container application, organizations can deploy the ThreatDirect container application with Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches, giving organizations more choice in how they deploy deception while leveraging their existing Cisco equipment for added value.

Organizations Aren’t Doing Enough to Secure Active Directory – Written by Marc Feghali, Attivo Networks Founder and VP of Product Management

This blog explains how organizations can better secure Active Directory. With the advent of Attivo Networks recently released ADSecure product, users can now detect malicious Active Directory queries and hide valuable enterprise resource information to reduce attack surfaces and misdirect attacks, without impacting operations. Learn more about this solution here and listen to our webinar on minimizing AD security risk with Chief Security Strategist Chris Roberts and VP of Customer Success and Sales, Sarah Ashburn.

Hey Cyberattackers… We know you’re in… We are watching you!Written by cybersecurity expert and guest blogger, Geoff Hancock

In this blog, Hancock informs readers on why “Deception is the future of cyber operations” and prompts InfoSec professionals to critically think about their existing security stack and if it measures up to the increasingly sophisticated TTPs employed by advanced threats and nation-state attackers. Hancock and Attivo Networks CTO Tony Cole take this conversation further in their webinar “How to use Deception to Defeat your Adversaries”. Watch it on-demand here.

A Hacker’s Perspective: Taking Charge of the Cybersecurity Realm Written by Chris Roberts, Chief Security Strategist at Attivo Networks

In this blog, Roberts gives it to the readers straight up in his take on the state of Information Security, from a hacker’s perspective. Suggestion number one: Assume you have already been breached. The landscape of attack surfaces available to threat actors continues to evolve faster than the security industry can react and according to Roberts, we need to accept the fact that it’s impossible to stop adversaries from getting into a network.

Deciphering Deception Believability – Written by Chief Deception Officer and CMO, Carolyn Crandall

In this blog, Crandall demonstrates how deep Attivo Networks deception technology goes for breadth and depth of believability and attractiveness. Take a read to learn more about Attivo’s offerings and to ensure that your choice of deception will easily scale and maintain believability to meet current and future needs related to multi-cloud environments and the heavily interconnected world we now occupy.

Deception: An Essential Element of your Cyber Defense Strategy – OODA Loop– Written by yours truly.

This blog highlights why deception should be a key feature of every organization’s cyber defense strategy and why it’s one of the most compelling emerging use cases for increasing attacker costs. I reference a recent and relevant article written by OODA Loop, that can be accessed here, which declares the “the time for deception is now.” Additionally, Matt Devost, CEO & Co-Founder of OODA LLC., and Tony Cole, CTO of Attivo Networks, hosted a fantastic webinar diving deep into discussions about cyber deception and how it plays into the OODA loop, the cycle of observe–orient–decide–act. Watch it on-demand here.

Safeguarding Infrastructure, Deception Technology is a Critical Piece of the Puzzle– Written by Chief Deception Officer and CMO, Carolyn Crandall

Organizations have turned to deception technology as a means to efficiently detect and derail attacks on energy facilities and critical infrastructure. In this blog, Crandall explores the rapid digitization that industries like energy and transportation have undergone and how it further complicates the task of securing networks as new attack surfaces emerge for attackers to exploit. Read this blog to find out why in-network security solutions that give visibility and early detection are becoming an increasingly essential part of the infrastructure security control stack.

Insights into Using Cyber Deception – Written by Carolyn Crandall, Chief Deception Officer and CMO

This blog outlines how the capabilities of deception technology have expanded, and the various roles it can play within the security stack. Here, Crandall outlines the steps a responder will take in preparing for and responding to an attack using cyber deception.

Purple Teaming with Attivo Networks Deception– Written by Joseph Salazar, Technical Marketing Engineer

We are all familiar with the Red Team/ Blue Team exercise. Purple-teaming, however, is not entirely different from what organizations might already be doing, but instead of each team working separately, they work together to fully evaluate security controls and processes. An important distinction between purple-teaming and standard red-teaming is that the methods of attack and defense are predetermined. The Red Team is no longer seeking solely to exploit the network but to improve the network’s security by putting the organization’s controls and the Blue Team capabilities to a realistic test. In this blog, Salazar educates readers on the value of deception in a purple-teaming scenario, given its ability to validate the resiliency of network security controls.

Want more in-depth insights? Our resource center is full of educational advice for InfoSec professionals like you. Check out our white papers, case studies, solution briefs, on-demand webinars, and more… and of course, cheers to 2020! May this year be the year of the defender.

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