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Looking Back on ILTA LegalSEC 2018

Written by: Christina Adams, Corporate Marketing Manager – Each year, hundreds of professionals come together at ILTA LegalSEC to find solutions for their toughest security challenges. One of the primary concerns raised was client confidentiality. It is absolutely critical to protect client data and law firms go to great lengths to protect it. However, because of their wealth of private information, law firms are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals. With constantly evolving threats from APTs to ransomware to employees clicking on malicious phishing emails, it remains an uphill battle for law firms to keep up with attackers seeking to exfiltrate and exploit valuable client data. This year, there was an emphasis placed on addressing these core challenges and exploring the cybersecurity strategies that firms can incorporate to better protect their networks through collaboration with peers.

This started with the sessions, many of which were interactive to infuse real world situations into each of the presentations. To keep these conversations relevant for all attendees, this year’s summit was broken into 3 categories:

  1. Senior Management of Large Firms: Focused on balancing cybersecurity teams and resources across the globe to manage everything from mitigating threats in the cloud to GDPR compliance.


  1. Dedicated Security Professionals: Focused on managing, prioritizing, and reducing risk from the perspective of a security practitioner.


  1. IT Leaders with Modest Resources: Focused on meeting client security requirements, establishing and preserving the firm’s reputation, and choosing security tools that maximize ROI.


While these tracks offered different perspectives on how to achieve cybersecurity goals and protect client data, the overarching theme in these sessions was centered around getting actionable information on threats and collaborating with peers throughout the industry to develop innovative strategies to combat cyberattacks.

In one general session focused on incident response, the presenter stated that to implement an effective incident response strategy, security professionals first need to assess where their critical data is, identify the key threat vectors an attacker could exploit to breach their networks, and gain the visibility necessary to close these gaps.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is by implementing deception technology as part of an active defense strategy. While we have sponsored ILTA LegalSec and ILTA Con in previous years, this was the first year that many security professionals understood the value that deception brings and were actively seeking to incorporate deception technology in their environments. One attendee shared, “I know that an advanced attacker who wants to get in my network will get in. That’s why we’re focusing on solutions that help us detect and respond to threats as quickly as possible.” This seemed to be a recurring theme that stemmed from the acceptance that prevention alone was no longer enough and that more emphasis needed to be placed on detecting threats early as well as preventing lateral movement once attackers infiltrated the network.

Ultimately, organizations seeking to efficiently detect threats early in the attack lifecycle can benefit from deception technology. However, not all deception is created equal. Unlike other detection solutions, Attivo Networks ThreatDefend™ platform is entirely engagement-based and does not rely on anomalies or known signatures to detect lateral movement, stolen credentials, MitM attacks, insiders, and more. Additionally, with Attivo’s machine learning capabilities to automatically generate and deploy the most authentic deception, it is easier than ever for law firms of all sizes to deploy and maintain.

To learn more about implementing an Active Defense strategy for early detection and continuous threat management, or to see how the Attivo ThreatDefend™ Deception and Response Platform can address your security needs, click here. To continue the conversation and speak with an Attivo Security Specialist directly, contact us here.

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