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What Could be Coming to Haunt Your Organization this Halloween

Reading Time: 5 minutes
Written by: Carolyn Crandall, Attivo Networks CMO - Halloween may be the only time of the year when monsters, vampires and ghosts parade the streets at night spooking the public. However, in the dark online world of sophisticated adversaries and expanding attack surfaces, threats continue ...
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Municipalities Prove to be an Easy Target for Ransomware

Reading Time: 3 minutes
By: Carolyn Crandall, Chief Marketing Officer Hackers are always looking for the path of least resistance, and they are increasingly finding it within state and local government networks. While their brethren in the federal government have had their fair share of cybersecurity missteps, state, city, ...
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Petya… Echoes of WannaCry

Reading Time: 2 minutes
By Joseph Salazar Does this sound familiar? On June 27, news outlets began reporting on a ransomware attack that was spreading like wildfire, infecting thousands of devices across several countries. The attack utilized the EternalBlue exploit that was stolen from the NSA and released by ...
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New Entries Into The Ransomware Worm Family Detected That Could Prove More Dangerous Than WannaCry

Reading Time: 4 minutes
By Joseph Salazar Immediately following the WannaCry attack, CISOs started to examine ways they could improve their ransomware defenses (we described the deception solution in our recent blog Deception Derails Ransomware: WannaCry Analyzed by Attivo Labs.) Following the initial attacks, TrendMicro has seen three new ...
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Deception Derails Ransomware: WannaCry Analyzed by Attivo Labs

Reading Time: 3 minutes
As ransomware attacks continue to claim hundreds of thousands of victims, organizations are scrambling to figure out if their current security tools can effectively stop, detect, and remediate large-scale ransomware attacks. While the major WannaCry ransomware attack was stopped by an uncovered kill switch, experts ...
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The Ransomware Dilemma: Pay Now or Pay Later

Reading Time: 4 minutes
According to a new study by Trend Micro, there is a reason ransomware continues to dominate the security news cycle. The study found that new ransomware families increased a whopping 752% in 2016. The report adds that the availability of open source ransomware and ransomware ...
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Ransomware… Because That’s Where the Money Is

Reading Time: 5 minutes
Carolyn Crandall, CMO   In the ‘30s, bank robber Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks. “That’s where the money is” was his well-known response. The reply could just as well apply to the cybercriminals using ransomware today. While Mr. Sutton was left on ...
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