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RSA 2016 Ends, But for Attivo It is Just the Beginning


By: Carolyn Crandall, CMO

As we predicted in our previous blog, Deception technology was a major topic at last week’s RSA conference in San Francisco. With the recent onslaught of malware, attendees were eager to learn more about new approaches to inside-the-network detection and how deception technology could fit into their current security infrastructure strategy. As the industry leader in deception, we were more than happy to spend 4 days talking endlessly about this.

At our booth, we fielded questions and comments from attendees and media alike, whose curiosities were piqued by this innovative and efficient approach to stopping attackers in their tracks. It was a fun week interacting and teaching people more about Attivo Networks and how they can leverage deception technology to detect against cyber attackers.

Deception Technology Takes Center Stage at RSA

In addition to fielding questions at the booth, attendees also got an in-depth lesson on the benefits of Deception technology during a special session, “Using Deception and Forensics to Detect Threats from Within.” Joseph Salazar, one of the Attivo Networks top sales engineering managers, hosted the session, which was crowd-selected from hundreds of submissions. The session room was full and conversation lively around using deception for detection and improving incident response.

At the session, Joseph discussed the prevalence of breaches in modern networks and how deception and forensics can limit exposure and reduce risk, while giving insight into threat TTPS (tactics, techniques and procedures).

Recognition for Attivo Networks Keeps Building

RSA week proved to be a winning week for Attivo Networks. In addition to providing attendees with valuable insights into deception technology, we also took home three awards! We were presented with the Cyber Defense Magazine’s Next Gen Deception Based Security Solution Award, the 2016 Gold Global Excellence Award for Deception Based Security and the 2016 Silver Global Excellence Award for Intrusion Detection, Prevention or Combinations. A somewhat funny name for the last award, but useful in that it gave Attivo the opportunity to show the value of its integrations and automations with major prevention systems and SIEM solutions.

We thank the judges for designating Attivo as a winner and for recognizing the value of deception and more specifically, the Attivo Deception Platform. Some of the sound bites on why Attivo was recognized included:

Attivo provides the most comprehensive and advanced deception platform with the greatest efficacy since it is built on real operating systems, provides customizable services and is capable of detecting all classes of cyber threats including reconnaissance, stolen credentials, phishing and ransomware attacks.

How does it work?

Attivo uses an innovative approach to cyber threat detection with a comprehensive deception platform that in real time detects inside-the-network BOTs and advanced persistent threats (APTs) that have bypassed all other prevention systems. Traditional threat detection solutions monitor network traffic and look for suspicious attack behavior based on known signature patterns. With a focus on efficiency, Attivo provides a non-disruptive, scalable solution that uses deception to deceive attackers and to instantly detect their presence, identify their intent and provide the threat intelligence to stop the attack. The deception platform includes a wide variety of deception techniques, decoys, and engagement servers, and is designed for user networks, large data centers, VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and Industrial Control System ICS-SCADA environments.

Until Next Year

For those that patiently waited five deep to meet with us, we are happy to share that we will be back again next year with a bigger booth and more staff to help address your questions.

Until then, Attivo Networks will continue to lead the charge in the deception technology market space and to enhance our comprehensive deception platform to support additional environments, deceptions, and other things in our secret sauce.. Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting announcements from us regarding upcoming expansions and new partnerships!


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