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Things Cybersecurity Professionals can be Grateful for in 2018


As cybersecurity professionals, we are unfortunately put up against tremendous challenges on a daily basis. It’s a part of the job to protect our organization in a world of unrelenting attacks and what feels like endless data breaches. If we have been able to keep our organization from being breached, we are grateful to everyone who made this possible. If your organization was amongst the unfortunate to experience a breach, we are grateful for the opportunity to learn from this and for any information that you have shared that we can use to combat these cybercriminals.


This Thanksgiving, we’re shedding light on the advancements, shifts in perspective, and the growth we’re seeing in the Information Security space that are giving us reasons to be thankful.


Greater awareness is a big one; we are grateful that cybersecurity is becoming a primary concern for CEOs and board members in 2018. Many of us have being waging what felt like an unheard fight for cyber risk management for years and it’s exciting to see these issues come into the light and garnering the attention needed. Additionally, thanks to campaigns such as cybersecurity awareness month this past October, organizations in all sectors are being increasingly motivated to take a closer look at their cybersecurity posture and assess its fortitude. As a result, security budgets are growing, and security experts and executives are being given more seats at the table. These shifts in perspective are furthering a culture of “security first” throughout organizations worldwide, resulting in more dynamic and sophisticated security postures across the board.


We are also grateful for increased collaboration amongst security practitioners, academics, business partners and thought leaders within the space that continue to work towards greater threat intelligence and better ways of co-operating. It is encouraging and inspiring to see the cybersecurity community, as steadfast and innovative as its adversaries, strive tirelessly to create a stronger and safer online world for consumers and businesses to operate and advance through. We look forward to seeing how this collaborative work will expand and increase cybersecurity professionals’ ability to address tomorrow’s security challenges.


We at Attivo Networks have been fortunate to have the opportunity to introduce new innovation to combat cyber adversaries. We believe it is a gift to have the opportunity to reach organizations and consumers across the world with the technology and knowledge necessary to adequately address the increasing threats in this new era of digital larceny and misconduct. We are certainly not thankful for crime in the online world, but we’re grateful to be able to learn from and contribute to this stimulating and ever-changing line of work. While increased cybersecurity safety, awareness, and innovation continues on an upward trend, challenges will always arise, and we feel privileged to be able to aid companies with threat deception solutions that are design to detect and derail these attacks early and before they have an opportunity to inflict harm.


Lastly, from all of us at Attivo Networks, we’d like to extend a big thank you to all of our readers and customers. It’s a pleasure to work towards fighting cybercrime with you all. We hope you enjoy a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends.

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