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Join Attivo and be a Champion during Cyber Security Awareness Month

By: Carolyn Crandall, Attivo CMO

Attivo Networks is proud to participate in the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) Champion Program. Created under the leadership of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance, the goal of NCSAM is similar to a core Attivo corporate goal: raising awareness about the number and sophistication of BOTs and advanced persistent threats (APTs) that target our critical information every day.

Champions include companies and organizations of all sizes, schools and school districts, colleges and universities, nonprofits, government organizations and individuals. Champions pledge to educate and build awareness of today’s threats both within their institutions and with their key audiences. Sample activities include:

  • Hanging posters and sharing tips about how employees can help to protect personal information
  • Challenge employees to explain what cybersecurity means to the organization and the critical role staff play
  • Share tips and resources on social media using the hashtag #CyberAware
  • Participate in one of the #ChatSTC Twitter chats every Thursday in October at 3 p.m. EDT/noon PDT

Becoming a Champion aligns with the Attivo focus on providing organizations continuous detection of attackers along with full forensics on BOT and APT activities for the threat intelligence to quash current attacks and protect against future ones.

It’s a bit ironic that a hacker bases their attack on deception and it is with the new generation of deception technologies that are going to be detected, trapped, and their attacks shut down. High interaction, active deception is not reliant on known attack patterns or signatures, instead a deception platform combines engagement servers and luring techniques designed to attract and engage attackers before they can find company servers or mount their attack.

Attivo bases its solutions on real operating system-based deception solutions, which offer dramatically better authenticity over emulated solutions. The company also includes a full suite of services and can be completely customized to an organization’s IT environment. Given the speed with which networks change, emulation is often too easy for the hacker to detect, defeating the purpose of the solution.

Information is a core asset of many organization, and if breached could cause material financial and damage to the company’s brand. With over one billion records stolen and 600 breaches this year alone, threats will continue to proliferate and are clearly growing in their sophistication. With reports of 9 out of 10 companies admitting that their prevention solutions failed, and that they were breached, it is time to look at deception technologies as a critical part of every organizations’ continuous detection and defense strategy. If you’d like to learn more, come and see us at one of IANS Security Forums over the next few weeks:

Also, don’t forget to check out information about Cyber Security Awareness Month and consider becoming a Champion.

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