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Cyber attackers target children at home

Kids more likely to click on links and download malware.

With millions of students potentially studying from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercriminals have shifted their efforts towards exploiting the applications that Australia’s more than 3.9m students rely on most.

Authorities have warned about cybercriminals targeting the virtual private network (VPN) tools used by remote workers and students for secure logins – but “many companies are simply not ready for an attack on this vector,” Attivo Networks chief deception Carolyn Crandall noted.

“With VPN split-tunnelling, which is used to separate home and corporate traffic, remote workers won’t have existing network protections such as web filtering, firewalls, or intrusion detection systems,” she said.

“Attackers will target users accessing corporate networks and SaaS applications with unmanaged systems, and will seek to compromise the systems of those whose security needs updating.”

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