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The 2022 cybersecurity predictions bonanza

We will start seeing specific APIs (application program interfaces) attacked in order to compromise the supply chain, as threat actors innovate and leverage new tools to exploit vulnerabilities. This will lead to larger scale data breaches.

The human element in cyberattacks, such as falling victim to social engineering or insider threats, will be amplified as workers migrate to hybrid work environments.

As The Great Resignation continues, the growing cybersecurity skills gap will impact security roles and drive the need for more effective automation. Unfortunately, many organizations will lack the resources to drive that automation.

In July 2021, as the world was still reckoning with the devastating SolarWinds breach, the REvil ransomware gang exploited a Zero Day in Kaseya VSA to launch a supply-chain attack on its customers. Neither of these attacks occurred in a vacuum, meaning security teams must pay closer attention to the threat of island hopping. In 2022, we can expect that cybercrime cartels will continue to seek ways to hijack the digital transformation of organizations to deploy malicious code, infiltrate networks, and gain persistence in systems all over the world. 

Defenders and organizations will need to monitor networks and services vigilantly for suspicious activities and potential intrusions. Implementing practices associated with Zero Trust philosophy like microsegmentation, threat hunting, and advanced telemetry capabilities can help ensure organizations are not the gateway to or victim of a severely damaging attack.

– Tom Kellermann, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy, VMware Security

With human threat actors able to control malicious software – finding vulnerabilities, overcoming defences, and maximising the impact of their attacks – we expect that attackers will continue to target the bottom line and seek monetary returns.

This evolution has led to more organisations deliberating new approaches to cybersecurity, such as adopting deception tactics by distributing traps and decoys across a system’s infrastructure to imitate genuine assets while creating a paradigm to hide critical data. We expect deception technology to continue gaining popularity in the new year. At the same time, more organisations will also build on identity security programs and existing cybersecurity defences to guard against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

– Jeremy Ho, Vice President at Attivo Networks

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