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Data Concealment: An Innovative Weapon for Every Defender’s Toolkit

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Despite investments in security modernization and layered security controls, cyberattacks are consistently occurring – particularly during the COVID-19 crisis, as businesses operate with highly distributed workforces and security limitations related to remote working.

Attackers continue to successfully infiltrate corporate networks, gaining access to valuable data that they can then steal or subject to ransom demands, which businesses are unfortunately paying more than 50% of the time. One primary reason for the success of these tactics is that there are detection gaps in the security controls ostensibly designed to stop them. Attackers simply know them too well, meaning defenders require new tools and tactics to derail their attacks successfully.

Learn how concealing your data is easier than you think and how it makes the attacker’s life much harder.

Read the complete article in CISO Magazine by Carolyn Crandall, Attivo Networks Chief Deception Officer

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