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Advanced Persistent Threat e-Summit – Virtual

July 28, 2020 - July 29, 2020

Organizations are constantly on alert due to the barrage of attacks aimed at their employees’ inboxes. But what really keeps security professionals up at night are the targeted and prolonged assaults aimed at siphoning valuable information. The digital marauders of today are employing a range of sophisticated techniques that result in increased dwell time, which allows them to have free reign within environments to pillage critical information until they’re finally eradicated by the security team. These advanced persistent threats (APTs) have long plagued organizations that own and operate the type of systems and environments that host large quantities of personally identifiable information. Given that many of these threat groups are backed by nation-states, they have a full spectrum of intelligence-gathering techniques at their disposal. Join the CyberRisk Alliance for this special upcoming eSummit on overcoming the labyrinth of obstacles presented by APT threat actors. Featuring leading experts sharing actionable advice and threat intelligence you can use to your benefit

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