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Identity Management Day

April 12

Identity Management Day, held the second Tuesday of April, is a global day of awareness to educate business leaders, IT decision makers, and the general public about the importance of managing and securing digital identities. Identity Management Day, started in 2021 and hosted by the Identity Defined Security Alliance and National Cybersecurity Alliance, aims to inform about the dangers of casually or improperly managing and securing digital identities by raising awareness and sharing best practices across the industry. There are many ways to participate as a consumer, practitioner, vendor or end user organization.

What is Identity Management and Why is It Important to Everyone

Identity-related breaches are ubiquitous and preventable, whether you are an individual, a small business, or a Fortune 500 organization. Learn more about what and why.

Become an Identity Management Champion

Identity Management Champions have made identity management and security foundational to their mission. Discover the champions and join the list.

Nominate an Individual or Organization for an Identity Management Award

We’re recognizing individuals and organizations making identity management and security an enabler to business operations while reducing risk. Nominate yourself or someone you know.

Improve Your Identity Management

From tips for protecting your personal and professional digital identities to identity management best practices for SMBs and enterprises, they’re gathering the best resources. Find out the latest news and resources available to you.

Get the quick answers to your questions about Identity Management Day in their FAQ.

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