GISEC 2022: Attivo’s Theme to be “Identity is the Ultimate Attack Surface”
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GISEC 2022: Attivo’s Theme to be “Identity is the Ultimate Attack Surface”


Ray Kafity, the Vice President for Middle East Turkey and Africa (META) at Attivo Networks, says CISOs and cybersecurity experts must also face the increased threat to Identity Security breaches

What is your theme of participation at GISEC 2022?
Attivo’s theme for GISEC 2022 is “Identity Is the Ultimate Attack Surface.” Since hybrid workforce and cloud work has been expanding in the light of the pandemic, organisations are now experiencing a more significant threat than ever with threat actors targeting identities. Unfortunately, traditional identity solutions can’t keep up since they allow room for potential identity-based attacks. This area is where Identity Detection and Response (IDR) plays an important role.

IDR is critical for protecting against identity compromise, privilege escalation, and detecting attacker lateral movement. It is not about controlling authentication or multiple factor authentication (MFA). IDR is about protecting credentials, entitlements, and the systems that manage them, from endpoints to Active Directory to the cloud. Understanding its fit in the security stack is critical as it closes gaps between Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Identity Protection solutions.

What is the general agenda / planned list of activities at the event?
Attivo is the diamond sponsor at GISEC 2022, and we have a jam-packed agenda presenting and participating in panels throughout the show. On the first day, we are presenting on the Main Stage, where we will talk about “Guarding the new identity-based perimeter that tops the CISO’s priority list” from 14:30-14:45. Then between 15:35-16:05, we are part of a panel discussion – “CISO Panel Discussion: Staying ahead of the hacker.” On day two, our Director of System Engineering – Bahi Hour – will be sharing a presentation, “Discover Critical Active Directory Exposures & Targeted Attack,” at the Dark Stage between 12:40 – 13:00.

What according to you are the challenges faced by CISOs and Cybersecurity experts today?
CISOs and Cybersecurity experts have in the last years been exposed to an increasing threat of cyber-attacks and often face the challenge of their enterprise-level environments being vulnerable to lateral movement in their networks. Modern advanced threats actively use privilege escalation and lateral movement, which has become an Achilles heel for many organizations.

Another challenge is that for many organisations, dwell time, the period from when an attacker enters the network to when the organization detects them, is too long. CISOs and Cybersecurity experts must also face the increased threat to Identity Security breaches. They should also look over their organisation’s breach fatigue since this is a relatively new concern for cyber security.

Read the original article by Edward Frank on Security Review.

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