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How to avoid scams online: Protect your data and gadgets when working from home

How do you stay safe when you’re stuck working from home? Trusted Reviews reached out to a range of security experts to determine the top ways to dodge cyber scams and keep your personal data safe.

A key way to avoid falling victim to scams is to remain one step ahead of the scammers. If you allow your software to get left in the dust, attackers can take advantage of unpatched security flaws and weaknesses to infect your devices.

“Update all of your software to the latest version and ensure you have applied any recent patches, making sure to also check browser plugins, antivirus software and mobile applications are all up to date,” said Attivo Networks’ chief deception officer, Carolyn Crandall.

“Attackers are well aware of the holes and will go after them if you leave them open”.

It isn’t just software you should keep up to date, either. If you don’t change your password frequently, this is a good habit to get into that will help keep hackers from accessing your device.

“They may attempt to use stolen passwords from prior breaches to break into your computer”, warned Crandall.

“If you use the same passwords for work and at home, this is a critical time to change them. As you do your updates, this would be an ideal time to change over to a password manager. Use unique, long passwords or passphrases over 15 characters, or take advantage of the password generator in a password manager. The longer a password, the harder it is for an attacker to crack it”.

It’s also good to make use of two-factor authentication where possible as this adds an additional layer of protection to your accounts and devices.

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