No Nonsense Cyber Threat Detection Made Simple with Deception
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No Nonsense Cyber Threat Detection Made Simple with Deception

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For years, attackers have successfully used deception tactics for breaching networks. They masquerade as legitimate employees, using stolen credentials and deceptive measures to infiltrate a network, all while remaining undetected for lengthy dwell times.

Security investments are typically made in preventing an attack and exfiltration. This leaves a giant blind spot for organizations as attackers that bypass the perimeter can then move laterally and steal credentials as they quietly establish a foothold, gain privileges, and recon the network in search of their targets.
Threats arise from in a variety of factors and can come in the form of external threat actors.

External adversaries, insiders, contractors, and suppliers are all capable of creating risk and potentially breaching an organization.
Since they all are within the perimeter, many traditional security controls are ineffective or unreliable as they try to learn behaviors and alert on suspicious behavior.

A different approach to in-network detection must be applied. These security controls must be capable and accurate in detecting nefarious, policy violation, and risks from human error. Deception closes the in-network detection gap by placing attractive endpoint lures, data deceptions, and traps throughout the network, giving organizations immediate visibility needed to derail these attacks and remediate compromised devices.


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