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As 2021 draws to a close, security experts are trying to guess at what the threat landscape may look like next year. We speak to some experts to take their predictions and invaluable insights into the coming trends we could be seeing in 2022.

Connection across hybrid environments

To the end user, the architecture being used to deliver services has become invisible. Whether processing takes place on a device, local server or in a remote data centre, everything is connected. Given that ‘connected’ has become the default, we do believe that most surveillance solutions will ultimately be hybrid; combining cloud, on-premise server and edge technologies. Axis Communications

Enterprises will increase their investment in identity security solutions

The rise in third-party attacks, remote working security risks, and the continuing evolution of ransomware have driven home the fact that traditional security solutions are no longer enough. Enterprises need to invest in Identity Detection and Response (IDR) solutions capable of providing expanded exposure visibility and detection specific to credential misuse, excess entitlements, privilege escalation, and other common identity-based attack activities. Attivo Networks

Two clear paths to SASE emerge

As SASE deployments enter the early majority stage of the adoption lifecycle, the market will see a clear split in approaches. Small and medium size enterprises are likely to be attracted to the all-in-one SASE offerings, where simplicity and ‘one throat to choke’ take priority over advanced capabilities. On the other hand, large enterprises will remain unwilling to compromise on security, reliability, or the quality of user experience. They will look to a dual-vendor approach, pairing a best-of-breed SD-WAN partner for on-prem security and WAN facing capabilities, with a fully-fledged cloud-delivered security partner delivering secure web gateway (SWG), cloud access security broker (CASB), and zero trust network access (ZTNA) services. HPE Aruba

More white noise means greater opportunities for stealth

Because of the rise of VPN technology used to deliver remote-working facilities, threat hunters now have considerably more data to sift through when looking for suspect processes. Because this makes intrusion detection more difficult, next year’s malicious parties will enjoy more time between entering an environment and being discovered. BeyondTrust

Read the full article by Mike Dingle on Security Middle East Mag.

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