Threat Prevention & Detection Solutions for Financial Sector

Security Solutions for the Financial Sector

Prevent and defend against advanced threats targeting financial institutions.


Adversaries continue to advance in their sophistication, creativity, and persistence of attacks as they seek to gain access to financial institutions’ valuable assets and data.

Financial organizations can adopt a proactive defense against cyberattacks to minimize their attack surface and mitigate the threat to critical information.

Attivo’s solution portfolio provides superior protection against sophisticated attackers by preventing and detecting identity privilege escalation and attacker lateral movement for financial groups across endpoints, Active Directory, and cloud infrastructure.

Why Detection and Prevention Are Key to Financial Cybersecurity

In-Network Detection

Derailing Attacks

25% of banks experienced attacks specifically designed to cause maximum damage, such as ransomware.

— Modern Bank Heists report


Visibility to Lateral Movement

54% of the techniques and tactics used to execute testing of lateral movement were missed.

— Mandiant

High-fidelity alert


Security false positives cost financial organizations an average of $1.27 million annually.


Icon for insider threats


Financial industry suffers from the highest average annual insider threat cost - $14.5 million.

— Ponemon


Financial organizations choose Attivo Networks ® security solutions for:

Visibility & Prevention


Identity Risk Visibility

Continuous visibility to credential, AD objects, and cloud entitlement exposures including health scores and topographical maps


AD Attack & Risk Visibility

Over 200 checks to assess Active Directory risk and vulnerabilities and live attack detection


Credential & Entitlement Risk Visibility

Unequaled visibility to identity and entitlement exposures at endpoints, Active Directory, and the cloud.


Attack Surface Reduction

Visibility to exposures and attack paths for prompt remediation and reduction of the attack surface across the enterprise.

Detection & Protection


Ransomware & APT Derailment

Prevent & detect credential misuse, privilege escalation, and lateral movement with visibility, data cloaking, misdirection, and decoy.


Identity Detection & Response

Unequaled visibility to identity and entitlement exposures at endpoints, Active Directory, and the cloud.


Credential Protection

Protect against credential theft and misuse with credential cloaking, lures, and misdirections.


Endpoint Detection

Boost endpoint detection performance by an average of 42% with protection against credential, AD, and APT attacks.


Lateral Movement Detection

Detection for stage 2 attacks including discovery, reconnaissance, credential theft and privilege escalation techniques.


Decoy & Threat Intelligence

Create an active defense by adding in decoys to obfuscate the attack surface and gain company-centric threat intelligence.


Fulfill compliance

Prepare for and satisfy audit and compliance requirements with on-demand assessments and continuous AD pen testing.


Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector Case Study



A commercial bank with over $100 billion in total assets.


The bank annually conducts a Red Team test to evaluate their security posture. While they have extensive security controls in place, the Red Team still managed to succeed each year.


The Red Team expected deception in the environment. Despite knowing, the authenticity of the ADSecure fake data was so compelling that they attacked the fake AD controller for over 2.5 days until they were told to stop.

Use Cases for the Financial Industry

— Detect discovery activity
— Not reliant on signatures to detect attacks
— No pattern matching or database look up

— In-network threat detection
— Detect early reconnaissance
— Detect lateral movement
— Detect activities used to maintain presence

— Improve Active Directory Cyber Hygiene
— Continuous visibility to exposures and misconfigurations in Active Directory
— Keep unauthorized users from exploiting Active Directory
— Detect threats and stop attacks in real-time
— Add detection efficiency without needing privileged access or touching production Active Directory

— Demonstrate in-network detection
— Forensics to demonstrate resolution
— Trust but verify M&A visibility

— Misdirect attacks away from production data
— DecoyDocs for counterintelligence on attacker intent
— Hide and deny access to sensitive data and storage

— High-fidelity alerts are actionable
— Basic and advanced user interface
— Easy to deploy and operate
— Automations for attack analysis and incident response

— Detects across every attack surface
— User Network
— Data Center
— Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google, OpenStack)

Find out how Attivo Networks solutions complement and bolster your pre-existing security stack


Teaming up with FS-ISAC, Attivo Networks works closely with the financial sector


By teaming up with FS-ISAC, Attivo Networks works closely with the financial sector to facilitate information sharing and a stronger defense against attackers targeting this industry. Attivo actively participates as a member and at its industry events.

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“During a recent security Audit, Attivo detected auditors 3 different times where they had hit our decoys and spent a total of 8 hours over the course of a week. I had to finally tell them to stop wasting their time. Between this and the success we had detecting activity during a recent pen test, my leadership sees that we are more secure, and are receiving a great ROI in Attivo’s solutions.”

CISO, American regional commercial financial institution


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Deception Technology for Financial Institutions

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