Attivo Networks Solutions for Government Entities

Gain comprehensive visibility to exposures and early in-network threat detection of insiders and external adversaries targeting state, local, federal government and military organizations, as well as educational institutions.


Cyber attacks are increasing in volume and effectiveness against federal, state and local governments, military organizations, and educational institutions. Traditional network defenses have focused on preventing intrusions, but attackers continue to evade them.

Protecting against these attacks requires an increase in federal cybersecurity - extensive visibility into in-network attack activity across attack surfaces, whether on-premises, in Active Directory, in the cloud, or at remote locations.

Attivo identity security and deception technology provides government cybersecurity entities with early and accurate detection of in-network lateral attack activity, privilege escalation, and the ability to respond to them quickly and decisively.

Recognizing the importance of deploying deception to protect critical information, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has included it in SP 800-53, SP 800-160 and the draft for 800-172.

Why Visibility, Prevention & Detection are Priorities for Government Agencies



44% of global ransomware in 2020 targeted municipalities.

—Barracuda Networks



90% of infrastructure staff report 1 security incident in the last 12 months, and 1/5 had at least 2.

— FIrstPoint

Targeted attacks


47% federal government respondents have experienced a breach in the last 12 months.

The State of Ransomware


246 ransomware attacks struck U.S. government organizations in 3 years, costing of $52.88 billion

— American City & County


State, local, and federal government organizations choose Attivo Networks® security solutions for:

Visibility & Prevention


Identity Risk Visibility

Continuous visibility to credential, AD objects, and cloud entitlement exposures including health scores and topographical maps


AD Attack & Risk Visibility

Over 200 checks to assess Active Directory risk and vulnerabilities and live attack detection


Credential & Entitlement Risk Visibility

Unequaled visibility to identity and entitlement exposures at endpoints, Active Directory, and the cloud.


Attack Surface Reduction

Visibility to exposures and attack paths for prompt remediation and reduction of the attack surface across the enterprise.

Detection & Protection


Ransomware & APT Derailment

Prevent & detect credential misuse, privilege escalation, and lateral movement with visibility, data cloaking, misdirection, and decoy.


Identity Detection & Response

Unequaled visibility to identity and entitlement exposures at endpoints, Active Directory, and the cloud.


Credential Protection

Protect against credential theft and misuse with credential cloaking, lures, and misdirections.


Endpoint Detection

Boost endpoint detection performance by an average of 42% with protection against credential, AD, and APT attacks.


Lateral Movement Detection

Detection for stage 2 attacks including discovery, reconnaissance, credential theft and privilege escalation techniques.


Decoy & Threat Intelligence

Create an active defense by adding in decoys to obfuscate the attack surface and gain company-centric threat intelligence.


Fulfill compliance

Prepare for and satisfy audit and compliance requirements with on-demand assessments and continuous AD pen testing.

Use Cases for Government Entities

— Identity exposure visibility tools for endpoints, Active Directory & clouds.
— Endpoint protection for credential theft and misuse.
— Ransomware protection: identity detection, concealment & deception

— Detect discovery activity
— Not reliant on signatures to detect attacks
— No pattern matching or database look up

— Quickly detect malicious activity
— Gain visibility to exposures that

— Misdirect attacks away from production data
— DecoyDocs for counterintelligence on attacker intent
— Hide and deny access to sensitive data and storage

— Early visibility and detection of insiders, contractors, suppliers, and trusted 3rd party organizations that are attempting to compromise networks or are in violation of security policies.
— Detects all forms of adversary by deploying mirror match (to production assets) decoys
— Detects reconnaissance and lateral movement,
— Misdirects credential harvesting and privileged account escalation and
— Reveal exposed credentials and misconfigurations that create adversary attack paths.

— Misdirect attacks away from production data
— DecoyDocs for counterintelligence on attacker intent
— Hide and deny access to sensitive data and storage

Attivo Networks in a Zero Trust Architecture for the Federal Government




Attivo Networks is proud to be a Small Business Member of AFCEA, a member-based organization providing a forum for military and government communities to connect with security and technology professionals from industry.

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BOTsink Thwarts Crypto Ransomware Attack


Government Health Provider


Crypto ransomware attack that continuously morphed making it difficult for the SOC team to eradicate.


Customer was able to immediately detect and mitigate ransomware attacks, with live up-to-the-minute forensics generated by Attivo significantly reducing incident response times.


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It's time to rethink national security

“Cyber attacks have increased at a rapid pace this year and pose a persistent threat to our national security. Ransomware attacks, in particular, have wreaked havoc on state and local governments across the country, disrupting essential government services.”

— House by Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.), chair of the House Homeland Security Committee’s cybersecurity subcommittee


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