Incident Response

Actionable alerts, forensics, and automation to accelerate incident response.


The Attivo Networks Deception and Response Platform provides substantiated, actionable alerts. Its decoys record all attacker interactions to capture the forensic evidence analysts need to conduct and report on their investigations. With the Informer solution, the built in analysis engine automatically correlates attack data, enriches the information with native threat intelligence feeds, and delivers an accurate chronological session view of all attacker activity. The system automates incident response with integrations that provide automatic threat intelligence sharing, blocking, and threat hunting. The ThreatOps module can be activated to provide repeatable playbooks, providing consistent and rapid responses from a deception-based detection. These functions all simplify and increase the efficiency of the incident response process.


Accelerated incident response for faster investigation resolution.


Substantiated Alerts

  • Based on Attacker engagement
  • Immediately Actionable
  • Responders can act with high confidence

Automated Analysis

  • Attack information correlation
  • Threat intelligence enrichment
  • Identify polymorphic or time-triggered activity

Advanced Forensics

  • Capture all network disk and memory activity
  • Exportable and shareable
  • Ready access to evidence for investigations
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Informer Dashboard

  • Consolidated adversary intelligence
  • Faster forensic investigation
  • Visibility to create a predictive defense

Automated Playbooks

  • Consistent, repeatable response process
  • Simplifies IR operations
  • Increases efficiency in CSIRT

Native Integrations

  • Threat intelligence sharing
  • SIEM and EDR for hunting
  • Blocking, isolation with Firewalls, NAC, EDR

Incident Response Capabilities


Attack Analysis


Threat Intelligence Development


Automated Response Actions


Malware Analysis


Native Integrations


Attack Time-Lapse Replay

Native integrations to Simplify, Accelerate and Automate Incident Response

Investigation, Analysis, and Hunting

Accelerate investigations, analysis, and threat hunting to quickly identify threats and compromised systems in the environment.

Contain / Network Blocking

Efficiently contain compromised systems before threats spread to other victims or exfiltrate data out of the network.

Contain / Endpoint Quarantine

Quickly isolate compromised system from the rest of the network to respond to fast moving threats or stop further attack activity.


Automatically generate service tickets to remediate compromised systems and increase workflow efficiency.

“The most important thing you do is provide me alerts based on confirmed activity… you are my eyes and ears on the inside of my network.. the nerve center”

Senior Director of Info Sec at Top 50 Retail Organization


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Attivo Networks ThreatOps
Platform Video


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