Security Solutions for Industries​

Security Solutions for Industries​

Identity exposure visibility, identity detection and response, and deception-based security solutions for industry and government organizations.


Adversaries continue to advance their skills and tactics with creativity and persistence of attacks to gain access to industry’s most critical assets and data, targeting financial groups, infrastructure, healthcare and others. The recent exponential rise in ransomware attacks proves these attackers are achieving success in spite of traditional security measures.

The Attivo solution portfolio provides superior protection to guard against sophisticated attackers with high-fidelity exposure and live attack visibility, preventing and detecting identity privilege escalation and attacker lateral movement across endpoints, Active Directory, and cloud infrastructure.

Attivo’s solution portfolio provides superior protection against sophisticated attackers by preventing and detecting identity privilege escalation and attacker lateral movement for financial groups across endpoints, Active Directory, and cloud infrastructure.

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Comprehensive Solutions for Industry Business Challenges​

Reduce the attacker’s advantage with identity-based & deception solutions for industry organizations.





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Attivo Networks actively participates in ILTA events including LegalSEC and ILTACON.
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Global Cyber Alliance


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