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Enhance your organization’s security architecture to defend, detect, and respond to ransomware and advanced threats targeting insurance companies.


The insurance industry is a top target due to the critical and sensitive client data stored. Attackers focus their efforts on this sensitive information for financial gain, both in the attack moment and for subsequent attack plans.

Financially-motivated threat actors seek credentials as the first stage of their attack approach. Attackers focus on compromising credentials since they provide the means to commit ransomware attacks, install malware and move laterally throughout the network once they establish a foothold.

To effectively address the onslaught of ransomware, compromised credentials, advanced threats, and theft of personal records and other sensitive information, insurance companies are looking for a more comprehensive approach to strengthen their security posture.  These organizations are actively turning to Attivo Networks® solutions to detect and derail these attacks with identity protection and prevention against privilege escalation and lateral movement activities.

Why prevention & detection is key for the insurance industry

Targeted attacks

Targeted Data

Personal information was the top data type targeted at 83%.

— Verizon 2020 DBIR



80% of malware-related incidents were attributed to ransomware.

— Verizon 2020 DBIR

Icon for insider threats

Insider Threats

Insiders comprise more than 44% of the total threat actors.

— Verizon 2020 DBIR


Records Compromised

Largest health insurance data breach resulted in a 78.8 million sensitive records stolen.

— Wall Street Journal

Benefits for INsurance organizations

Insurance companies choose Attivo Networks® security solutions for derailing ransomware attacks and protecting their clients’ sensitive information.

Visibility & Prevention


Identity Risk Visibility

Continuous visibility to credential, AD objects, and cloud entitlement exposures including health scores and topographical maps


AD Attack & Risk Visibility

Over 200 checks to assess Active Directory risk and vulnerabilities and live attack detection


Credential & Entitlement Risk Visibility

Unequaled visibility to identity and entitlement exposures at endpoints, Active Directory, and the cloud.


Attack Surface Reduction

Visibility to exposures and attack paths for prompt remediation and reduction of the attack surface across the enterprise.

Detection & Protection


Ransomware & APT Derailment

Prevent & detect credential misuse, privilege escalation, and lateral movement with visibility, data cloaking, misdirection, and decoy.


Identity Detection & Response

Unequaled visibility to identity and entitlement exposures at endpoints, Active Directory, and the cloud.


Credential Protection

Protect against credential theft and misuse with credential cloaking, lures, and misdirections.


Endpoint Detection

Boost endpoint detection performance by an average of 42% with protection against credential, AD, and APT attacks.


Lateral Movement Detection

Detection for stage 2 attacks including discovery, reconnaissance, credential theft and privilege escalation techniques.


Decoy & Threat Intelligence

Create an active defense by adding in decoys to obfuscate the attack surface and gain company-centric threat intelligence.


Fulfill compliance

Prepare for and satisfy audit and compliance requirements with on-demand assessments and continuous AD pen testing.

Use Cases

— Continuous assessment of credential, privilege escalation, & entitlement exposures

— Visibility across endpoints, Active Directory, and cloud environments 

— Identify non-compliance and policy drift

— Reduce dwell time by 90%+

— Live detection of Active Directory attacks

— Quickly detect targeted and unknown attacks

— Efficiently detect discovery and reconnaissance activity

— Detect credential misuse and privilege escalation activity

— Identify policy violations originating from external, supplier or internal threat actors

— Provides threat intelligence and automation for remediation

— Identify credential attack paths

— See over-provisioning and cloud entitlements

— Easily reduce attack surface by remediating exposures

— Topographical maps for easy viewing

—Protect sensitive assets and data from malicious or unintentional insiders

—Provides tools needed to quickly and accurately detect and identify suspicious or malicious insider activity

— Misdirect attacks away from production data

— DecoyDocs for counter-intelligence on attacker intent

— Hide and deny access to sensitive data and storage

Find out How Attivo Networks is Solving Insurance Organizations' Security Needs


Insurance Case Study

Aflac, Inc. Achieves Zero-False-Positives Threat Detection


Aflac, Inc. a Fortune 500 insurance provider


With an ever-changing threat landscape, Aflac needed a solution that provided early and accurate threat detection of cyber attackers.



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"Having Attivo brings a significant peace of mind that we would detect somebody in the environment.“



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Enterprise Identity Protection and Lateral Movement Detection For the Insurance Industry

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