Active Directory Protection Solutions

Active Directory Protection

Attacking Active directory and obtaining domain admin-level access is one of the attackers primary objectives. Active Directory and Domain controllers are prime reconnaissance targets to hunt for privileged credentials and privileged access. Attivo Networks provides innovative solutions for assessing Active Directory cyber hygiene, identifying specific domain, computer, and user level risks and detecting live attacks. 


Identity-based attacks are on the rise, and modern organizations must detect when attackers exploit, misuse, or steal enterprise identities. At these attacks is the primary attack target – Active Directory (AD).

Protecting Active Directory has become increasingly complex in recent years due to distributed organizations, pervasive access and a multitude of objects with varying levels of privilege and domain control. Monitoring and securing an environment is an ongoing challenge, and if that control is lost to an attacker can bring dire consequences.

The need to protect identities and detect identity-based attack activity are gaining in priority, especially since attackers steal credentials and leverage (AD) to progress their attacks.  Adopting solutions that protect identities is vital, given the damages occurring from identity misuse. 

Identity Detection and Response solutions help mitigate the challenges of protecting the critical data and credentials within Active Directory.

Free Active Directory Security Assessment for Unprecedented Visibility to Active Directory Vulnerabilites

Awards for Active Directory Protection

The State of Active Directory

Don’t leave the door open for attackers to secure the “keys to the kingdom”.

Penetration Testers Breach Active Directory Nearly 100% of the Time

Active Directory mismanagement exposes 90% of businesses to breaches


Targeted attacks

95 million ad accounts are the target of cyberattacks every day


hacking breaches involved brute force or the use of lost or stolen credentials.

penetration testers breach ad nearly 100% of the time (attackers can do the same)

IT World Canada 


80% of security breaches involve privileged access abuse

Forrester Research 

Privileged Credential and Access Protection

Uncover credential and Active Directory access weaknesses before an attacker can leverage them to exploit AD or advance their attack. Detect & respond to attacks in real time.

Penetration Testers Breach Active Directory Nearly 100% of the Time

Attack Prevention

Active Directory assessment for continuous visibility into AD hygiene related to identities and privileged account risk related.

Targeted attacks

real time detection

Detect privilege escalation and granularly restrict access to all information without impacting business operations. 

hacking breaches involved brute force or the use of lost or stolen credentials.

Actionable Alerting

 High-fidelity alerts to key exposures at the Domain, computer, and user level. 


Conditional Access

Manage identity entitlements and least privileges across on-premises and multi cloud environments. 


Attivo provides prevention, detection, and visibility solutions for protecting an organization’s Active Directory environment on-premises and in the cloud.

The ADAssessor solution identifies AD weaknesses and exposures to detect advanced attacks in real-time. The ADSecure solution prevents exploitation of Active Directory by efficiently concealing real Active Directory objects, raising alerts on unauthorized activities, and returning misinformation for derailing the attack. These protections are all achieved without altering the production Active Directory environment.

Additionally, for organizations looking to add visibility to exposed local administrator credentials on the endpoint, misconfigured ACLs, or attack paths by application and severity they can purchase the EDN Suite, which provides ADSecure and ThreatPath functionality.


Vulnerability Assessment

  • Identify exposures and misconfigurations
  • See bulk changes and dangerous delegations
  • Reduce AD attack surface
  • Detect advanced attacks in real-time
High Fidelity Detection

Live Attack Detection

  • Alert on unauthorized queries to AD
  • Hide and deny access to AD Objects
  • Gather adversary TTP’s and IOCs
  • Automated response
Application Credentials

Endpoint Vulnerability Assessment

  • Exposed local administrator credentials
  • Identify Shadow Admins
  • Find misconfigured ACLs
  • Attack paths by application and severity


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