Specialty Detection Capabilities

Extending the breadth and depth of deception for unconventional attack surfaces.


Threat Deception for an Expanded Attack Surface

The ThreatDefend™ deception portfolio provides deception for servers, clouds, user networks, and specialized environments such as IoT, Medical IoT, SCADA, and POS. Coverage also extends to network infrastructure such as routers and switches, telecommunications devices, and specialized applications and services such as SWIFT, Big Data, print, and retail web portals.


Defend all attack surfaces on the network, from network and specialized devices to special-use services and applications.



  • Defend Cisco Router, Switch, and Telephony devices
  • Defend IoT, Medical IoT, ICS/SCADA, and POS devices
  • Alert on attacks targeting OT and networks infrastructure


  • Defend services such as printer, web, and camera streaming
  • Identify unauthorized file transfer and remote access activity
  • Identify service-based points of entry attackers can compromise


  • Leverage capabilities for Big Data and database applications
  • Project decoy SWIFT servers or retail web application portals
  • Expand cloud deception with decoy Docker apps

“The reason deception makes so much sense in healthcare is that we operate a high number of patient critical medical devices that often do not talk vertically through monitored Internet connections or across monitored firewall zones… Surrounding medical devices with virtual decoys within the same network segment provides a way to catch potential attacks.”

Senior Director Information Security, Children’s Hospital


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