2017 predictions

What’s In Store For 2017… Predictions from Attivo CEO

2017 will be a year filled with twists on existing security challenges and undoubtedly filled with a few new surprises. As the year kicked off, we asked Tushar Kothari, the Attivo Networks CEO, to make five predictions for the New Year. Here’s what he believes:

1. POS malware breaches will increase.

It may appear that the number of breaches of retailers and the customer records being stolen is reducing. This in fact is a misnomer. The number of breached records is reflecting as lower only because less information is being disclosed on the number of records being stolen and since the attacks are shifting their focus on different segments, retail to travel to restaurants.

Attivo Networks Predicts a Significant Increase in Reported POS Attacks During 2017

Attivo Networks issued a report detailing severe vulnerabilities in the nation’s POS systems that could lead to large breaches during the Holiday shopping period and on into next year. The report, based on primary research, shows how attackers are moving laterally undetected through networks, compromising asset management servers and then using them to plant malware on POS terminals for either timed or remote activation, creating the foundation for wide-scale credit card information theft. Traditional security devices have proven to be ineffective in detecting an attacker’s lateral movement, in providing malware activation visibility between asset servers and POS terminals, and in accurately correlating attack forensic data, according to the report.

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