2021 Predictions

2021 tech predictions: The conceptual gets real

What might 2021 bring in term of technology?

Community and market experts found consensus on a few areas. First, cloud security will dominate strategies and investments even more that it did during 2020, as organizations big and small go all in on digital transformation. And second, technologies once deemed “on the horizon” – think automation, 5G and even the much hyped artificial intelligence – will officially arrive.

2021 Predictions on Defeating Cybercriminals

Here we are and most of us are thankful that 2020 is almost behind us, since the global panic has taken place as a result of the COVID-19 novel zoological corona virus bioweapon attack on humanity. Are you also wondering where all the time went? So much to do so little time. Time is of the essence. Time is the fire in which we burn. Ok, I’m sure you would agree that while time is a man-made concept, usually, it is completely out of our control. We can, for now at least, joke about time travel and time machines but understanding the importance of time, in specific regards to network security and breaches could change the dynamic dramatically. We could start winning again and stopping the breaches before they happen.

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