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Microsoft Active Directory as a Prime Target for Ransomware Operators

Written by: Joseph Salazar, Technical Marketing Manager & Juan Carlos Vázquez, Sales Manager -The Active Directory (AD) infrastructure remains critical in so-called “human-operated” ransomware campaigns and post-compromise extortion, which represents a significant threat to businesses and a detection challenge in the short time they have to avoid impact.

Let’s Talk Turkey: Addressing the Most Common Data Breach Causes

Authored by: Carolyn Crandall, Chief Deception Officer, Attivo Networks – It’s turkey time again, and even though Thanksgiving may look a little different this year, some things stay the same. Large gatherings of friends and family may not be in the plans, but hopefully, your dinner table will still be overflowing with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and, of course, turkey (and maybe some tofurkey).

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Attivo EDN Solution for Protecting Credentials and Active Directory

Written by: Carolyn Crandall, Chief Deception Officer and CMO – Cybercriminals are growing more advanced, and one of the most successful tactics employed by cybercriminals remains credential theft. Unfortunately, too many organizations are leaving credentials exposed and easy for attackers to find—and once they fall into the hands of attackers, these credentials make it simple to escalate their attack and move freely throughout the network to find the most valuable data.

Disrupt & Prevent Attacker’s Access to Active Directory Webinar

Active Directory (AD) is used by the majority of enterprises to control and orchestrate the IT environment. Many security professionals have the challenge of distinguishing illegitimate queries to AD from legitimate ones, leaving security teams blind to malicious attempts to map AD’s content. Attivo ADSecure protects against AD attacks without interfering with production AD operations, …

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Kerberos Silver Ticket Attack

Written by: Biju Varghese, Technical Product Manager at Attivo Networks – Since 2014 Kerberos Silver Ticket attack has been a well know Active Directory Attack method widely used by the Red Team, pen testers, and some of the state-sponsored attacks. I do not want to get into the attack method, how to, or even into the detection methods. All of this is well documented by the creators of Mimikatz Abusing Microsoft Kerberos and in this blog written by Sean Metcalf on Detecting Forged Kerberos Ticket. Let me introduce a futuristic solution which prevent a Silver ticket attack from the initial step.

Targeted ransomware – it’s upon us. Are you ready?

Ransomware is evolving. Threat actors are moving away from indiscriminate attacks, instead choosing their marks very carefully with precisely targeted ransomware to achieve their desired outcome. In addition to targeting specific companies, they are striking at the most important and lucrative parts of the network. Often this is done with complete disregard for ethics. For …

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Attivo Networks ThreatDefend Platform v5.0 (Review)

Security pros will find the Attivo ThreatDefend Platform a comprehensive detection product that uses machine learning to customize decoys based on the systems, applications, and environments into which it has been deployed. In other words, this unique design makes every endpoint part of the deception fabric. The platform campaigns drive early and accurate detection of …

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How Attivo Networks Strengthens Active Directory Defense

Attivo’s ADSecure has a unique take on protecting AD; it uses the age-old art of deception with an added twist of concealment. ADSecure is designed to deceive even the most aggressive intruders with decoys and other techniques rooted in the world of deception. … ADSecure breaks out from the traditional approach to deception that is …

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EDN prevents viewing and accessing production data

Attivo Networks has expanded its Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) security solution. … It now offers file protection against ransomware attacks by hiding or denying access to productively assigned shares, cloud storage and selected files or folders. By hiding this information, EDN limits the malware’s ability to move around the network because it can only access …

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