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Active Directory attacker misguided

ADSecure leads attackers into the virtual Attivo Networks Deception Fabric and fake AD information. … ADSecure acts with deception against the misuse of Active Directory information. According to the manufacturer Attivo Networks, attackers who are looking for information about domain admins or domain controllers are led into a virtual environment full of traps. ADSecure becomes …

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ADSecure: Misleading Active Directory attackers

A special protection solution against the misuse of Active Directory information should prevent attackers from pulling sensitive data out of the directory service. … With ADSecure, Attivo Networks is expanding its range of deception solutions that can be used to deceive and ward off attackers. The solution is intended to prevent companies from being able …

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A Case Study on the Effectiveness of ADSecure

Written by: Joseph Salazar, Technical Marketing Engineer – A few months ago, Attivo Networks released its ADSecure offering, which protects Active Directory against unauthorized queries. Before release, the solution went through extensive beta testing with several organizations that used Red Team security evaluations against it to gauge its effectiveness in detecting and misinforming unauthorized AD queries. Below is a case study in how the solution performed in such a scenario.

Our Readers Favorite Blogs of 2019

Written by: Mackenzie Blaisdell, Senior Manager of Online Programs – Whether you are still soaking up the last few moments of the holiday season with family and friends or you’re back in the office kicking it into full gear, let’s take a quick moment to reminisce on our cybersecurity readers’ favorite blogs of 2019.

Organizations Aren’t Doing Enough to Secure Active Directory

Written by: Marc Feghali, VP of Product Management – Microsoft launched Active Directory (AD) in the late 90s, and it quickly became the standard in the identity management market. For any company, AD is the crown jewels of its IT infrastructure, as inside AD resides a complete list of all the users, machines, logical grouping, and privileges. This confluence of information is compelling, and it enables modern operations and user experiences at work, in transit, or at their home offices. Also, other programs leverage AD to determine access and level of privilege to the users.

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9 disruptive security plays from RSAC 2019

Bad actors have always had the edge in cybersecurity. After all, the good guys have to secure everything, while the bad guys need find only one vulnerability. Given the appalling number of breaches over the years, it’s clear that the established crop of cybersecurity products isn’t up to the task of changing this equation and putting the good guys on top. When I attended this year’s RSA Conference, therefore, I looked for those exceptionally disruptive technologies that promise to turn the tide. Here are my top picks…

Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks® Proves Deception Fools Attackers

Attivo Networks announced industry validations that Attivo Networks deception effectively fools attackers. Validating deception’s ability to serve as a reliable security control for closing in-network detection gaps, the company has released results of a penetration test conducted by a top computer forensics company that specializes in penetration testing, announced the ThreatInject simulation tool for testing deception resiliency, and is embedding deception into the ISSA International Conference Capture the Flag (CTF) event. By creating an authentic synthetic network based on deception, organizations change the asymmetry on attackers by placing high-interaction traps and lures that efficiently reveal an attacker’s presence.

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