advanced threat detection

Attivo Networks Joins the Aruba ClearPass Exchange Partner Program to Address Advanced Cyber-Threats

Attivo announced today that the company has joined the Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, ClearPass Exchange Partner program for the integration of its ThreatMatrix™ Deception Platform and the Aruba ClearPass Policy Management solution. The integration brings together advanced threat detection and policy-based remediation capabilities into a comprehensive solution that provides early threat visibility, attack analysis, and the automatic quarantine of infected systems to prevent the lateral spread of malicious malware and exfiltration of data.

Insider Threats: Tackling the Threat Within

When it comes to security threats, focus is often put on external hackers deploying a host of attacks including Trojans, phishing attacks and APTs, among others. However, it may be time for organizations to stop only looking externally and think about the internal threats that may be lurking within their networks coming from employees. According to the 2016 Insider Threat Spotlight Report, 74% of organizations feel vulnerable to insider threats, and 56% of security professionals say insider threats have become more frequent in the prior 12 months. It has also been reported that 43% of all data loss is attributed to internal threat actors.

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