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Attivo Networks Receives 2017 Best of Fremont Award

Attivo Networks has been selected for the 2017 Best of Fremont Award in the Information Security category by the Fremont Award Program.

Each year, the Fremont Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Fremont area a great place to live, work and play.

Attivo Networks Strikes Gold in Ninth Annual 2017 Golden Bridge Awards®

Attivo Networks® announced today it has earned Gold Status in the Energy Industry Category as part of the Ninth Annual 2017 Golden Bridge Awards®.

“This award highlights the importance of including deception-based detection technology in our country’s energy infrastructure for an adaptive security defense,” said Tushar Kothari, CEO of Attivo Networks. “Now more than ever, organizations of all types need efficient and reliable detection of in-network threats. We applaud the Golden Bridge Awards for highlighting the need for innovation in energy sector security and for recognizing Attivo Networks’ cutting-edge technology.”

Attivo ThreatDefend Now Integrated with McAfee ePO (Learn More, Video)

As deception technology experiences greater attention and adoption, attackers will seek to detect its presence and circumvent basic detection techniques.

The Attivo ThreatDefend Platform, from Attivo Networks, a competitor in the 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program, is designed to deceive and captivate the most sophisticated of attackers, even those who may be anticipating deception-based defenses.

Attivo Networks rolls in incident response and controls into their deception

Black Hat USA 2017 – Las Vegas, NV.
Another company that we have the chance to sit down with was Attivo Networks. Attivo, if you are not familiar with them specialize in network deception through the use of projected systems. These are systems that do not really exist in the network but that occupy space and would appear real to someone looking at the network from behind the scenes. They use different methods to make these systems appear to be real including mapped drives (that are invisible to an actual user). This way when a system on the network is compromised an attacker might be fooled into interacting with a deception system and give themselves away.

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Vendors Use Black Hat Event to Launch New Products, Announce Advances

Attivo Integrates With McAfee

Deception vendor Attivo Networks announced a partnership with McAfee that enables its Attivo ThreatDefend to integrate with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform. “Together, these solutions empower customers to continuously monitor their network health, gauge anomalies in real time and automate incident response,” Attivo CEO Tushar Kothari stated.

Emerging Vendors 2017: Security Startups You Need To Know

Attivo Networks provides detection, analysis and automated response to in-network threats. The Attivo Deception and Response Platform detects advanced, stolen credential, insider and ransomware attacks within user networks, data centers, cloud and specialty environments by deceiving attackers into revealing themselves. ThreatOps playbooks and third-party integrations provide accelerated incident response.

Moving Up The Stack — Security Take

Moving up the stack, our security posture changes. The concepts stay the same, but the posture changes. The concepts of least privilege, limited access, etc. all apply. How we implement those controls changes. In the past, we could rely on a firewall at the edge. Yet, as we move up the stack, the edge has disappeared. When we move into microservices and containers, the edge gets blurred. So, where do we put our security controls? Do we rely on distributed firewalls or microsegmentation, or do we need something new?

Most Common Security Flaws

Read on for insights from executives from some of today’s top companies on how the need for better security is affecting the industry.

Awareness. Security as a habit. People know what’s good and bad but it’s not part of the daily process. The human being is the weakest link. We need to educate and make people more aware. Most attacks are due to human error. Help them understand the value and depth of the challenge.

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