authentic deception

What is deception technology

Deception technology, commonly referred to as cyber deception, is a category of security tools and techniques designed to detect and divert an attacker’s lateral movement once they are inside the network. Deception technology enables defenders to identify a wide variety of attack methods without relying on known signatures or pattern matching. The technology is known …

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Why taking a layered approach delivers the best IT security protection

When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s tempting to yearn for a silver bullet – one tool that can provide complete protection against all threats. Unfortunately, that isn’t realistic and is one of the main reasons chief information security officers talk about levels of risk and risk acceptance, rather than in absolutes. Just like building a …

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Deciphering Deception Believability

Written by: Carolyn Crandall, Chief Deception Officer – Creating decoys that blend in seamlessly with the production environment is critical, as is one’s approach to deploying deception credential lures. There are a variety of different ways to deploy deception credentials and different levels of validation that need to be in place for believability.

obvious deception

Obviously, You Can’t Be Obvious

Written by: Mike Parkin, Product Marketing Engineer – As deception technology has matured into a modern and effective security solution, vendors have pursued different techniques for creating decoys, lures, and the rest of the details that go into a deception platform. One of the challenges the industry faces is creating deceptive assets that fall into the ‘sweet spot’ that will lure an attacker in without being an obvious trap.

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