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Australian banks hold up a mirror to fraudsters

Scammers accustomed to insider assistance may find it less available in future. … Deception is a technique favoured by financial scammers and attackers in Australia and the broader Asia-Pacific region because it is a convincing and often effective way to fleece people – and banks – of cash. But in this day and age, deception …

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The Art of Deception

In just a few years’ time, deception technology has matured to become a critical – and recommended – element of fundamental cybersecurity defense. Tony Cole of Attivo Networks discusses critical success factors for deploying deception. In a video interview at Information Security Media Group’s recent Cybersecurity Summit in New York, Cole discusses:

Deception Technology: Worth the Investment?

The buffet of IT security solutions is maddening – so many products, so many promises – but what will protect your organization? Deception technology is less of a fringe player these days. Although it has been on the radar of well-heeled organizations for some time, it is becoming accessible to smaller organizations with fewer resources thanks to more manageable and affordable product offerings.

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