Black Hat 2017

Attivo Networks rolls in incident response and controls into their deception

Black Hat USA 2017 – Las Vegas, NV.
Another company that we have the chance to sit down with was Attivo Networks. Attivo, if you are not familiar with them specialize in network deception through the use of projected systems. These are systems that do not really exist in the network but that occupy space and would appear real to someone looking at the network from behind the scenes. They use different methods to make these systems appear to be real including mapped drives (that are invisible to an actual user). This way when a system on the network is compromised an attacker might be fooled into interacting with a deception system and give themselves away.

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Vendors Use Black Hat Event to Launch New Products, Announce Advances

Attivo Integrates With McAfee

Deception vendor Attivo Networks announced a partnership with McAfee that enables its Attivo ThreatDefend to integrate with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform. “Together, these solutions empower customers to continuously monitor their network health, gauge anomalies in real time and automate incident response,” Attivo CEO Tushar Kothari stated.

Black Hat: Coming Together is a Beginning

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Black Hat anticipates that they had a 20% increase in attendance over the 15,000 that attended in 2016. Attendees flooded the halls with eager anticipation to discover new technologies and sharpen their skills to defeat the modern day cyber attacker. Deception technology demonstrated that it was top of mind for many of last week’s attendees. Attivo Networks upped the exhibition game with a never-been-done-before Deception Hall of Mirrors where attendees could experience an altered reality within a mirrored maze. Audio enhancements helped attendees understand how deception plays into an attack and attendees had some fun with form altering mirrors.

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