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Attivo Networks Partners with Blue Coat to Improve Incident Response Time

When threat actors are able to stealthily penetrate an organizations defenses, the promptness of detection is critical to protecting critical information assets. The sooner that one can detect an inside-the-network threat, the easier it is to mitigate the damage from threats that have bypassed prevention systems. According to a cybersecurity report by Ponemon Institute, financial firms take an average of 98 days to detect a data breach and retailers can take up to 197 days. With more than 700 reported breaches occurring annually, being able to promptly detect threats becomes a critical line of defense in preventing the exfiltration of data, and/or potential harm to critical infrastructure or a company’s brand reputation.

Attivo Networks and Blue Coat Improve Incident Response Time with Automated Information Sharing

Attivo Networks® today announced a partnership and technology integration with Blue Coat Systems, Inc. a market leader in enterprise security. The combined solution will provide real-time detection of cyber-attacks and automatically pass the attack information captured by the Attivo BOTsink® deception platform to the Blue Coat ProxySG for automated blocking and quarantining of an infected end-point or device, reducing incident response time and improving customers’ ability to combat cyber-attacks.

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