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A Case Study on the Effectiveness of ADSecure

Written by: Joseph Salazar, Technical Marketing Engineer – A few months ago, Attivo Networks released its ADSecure offering, which protects Active Directory against unauthorized queries. Before release, the solution went through extensive beta testing with several organizations that used Red Team security evaluations against it to gauge its effectiveness in detecting and misinforming unauthorized AD queries. Below is a case study in how the solution performed in such a scenario.

Organizations Aren’t Doing Enough to Secure Active Directory

Written by: Marc Feghali, VP of Product Management – Microsoft launched Active Directory (AD) in the late 90s, and it quickly became the standard in the identity management market. For any company, AD is the crown jewels of its IT infrastructure, as inside AD resides a complete list of all the users, machines, logical grouping, and privileges. This confluence of information is compelling, and it enables modern operations and user experiences at work, in transit, or at their home offices. Also, other programs leverage AD to determine access and level of privilege to the users.

Intelligent CIO

KSA ministry leverages Attivo’s Deception Technology platform

Traditional cyberdefences still have their part to play in the battle against cybercriminals but as their techniques become ever more sophisticated an increasing number of organisations are putting their trust into Deception Technology. The Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources in Saudi Arabia is leveraging Attivo’s ThreatDefend Deception and Response Platform to ensure early detection of threats and flush out the bad actors.

Deception Technology: A deceivingly simple solution to complex threats

Written by: Marc Feghali, Co-founder and VP of Product Management – You have almost certainly heard about deception technology for cybersecurity, but may be wondering what it will take to implement it in your environment. It seems complex. How can you possibly deploy it in your own diverse, distributed, and complicated network? No doubt you have the battle scars attesting to the challenge of deploying new security controls on your network. So how do you proceed?

To illustrate our point on simplicity, this enterprise case study will show, even with a larger installation, that deception is exceptionally easy to prepare, deploy, and operate.Here is an example of a deployment that a current customer of ours implemented.

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