Deception Technology for Active Defense: Changing the Game on Attackers

We live in an increasingly interconnected world and have created an on-demand society that expects instant access to information along with the ability to conduct business at any place and at any time. New technologies that provider faster services and improved economics are seen within new cloud architectures and the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at an unprecedented pace—so much so that IoT devices are now already outnumbering the human population and will likely be in the operations of over 50 percent of companies in 2019. It’s an exciting time from a consumer perspective, as well as from a tech industry perspective. But with innovation comes new challenges—particularly when it comes to security.

Hefty Penalty for Smallish Breach in Vermont

Attorney General Says Cloud Services Firm Failed to Notify Customer of Breach

The online exposure of an unsecured spreadsheet containing personal data on 660 subscribers to the Affordable Care Act health insurance exchange in Vermont has led the state to impose a $264,000 penalty on an IT services firm.

Under the terms of a settlement with the state’s attorney general, Samanage USA Ltd. agreed to improve its information security and compliance program. The North Carolina-based company is a provider of cloud-based IT support service.

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