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How Much Damage Can One Compromised Supplier Cause? Ask Trump Towers, Loews, and Hard Rock…

By: Carolyn Crandall The Trump Hotel Collection (THC) recently reported it has suffered its third data breach in three years. It seems not even a President’s property is safe.

Trump Hotels has not revealed how many customers the breach might have impacted but shared that compromised information included cardholder names, payment card numbers, and card expiration data and security codes. In some cases, it also included guest names, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and other personal information.

Ransomware attacks around the world grow by 50%

Ransomware attacks on businesses around the world rose 50% last year, research into successful cyber-breaches shows.

Its popularity means malware is now responsible for 51% of all the incidents analysed in the annual Verizon data breach report.

This analyses almost 2,000 breaches to find out how firms were caught out by cyber-thieves.

It also found that measures taken by some firms after payment systems were targeted, stopped new breaches.

New Attacks Highlight Need for a New Approach to Cyber Protection

The occurrence of data breaches has increased in frequency and severity over the past several years. According to Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), 781 U.S. breaches were tracked in 2015, the second highest year on record since the ITRC began tracking breaches in 2005.

The occurrence of breaches was not constrained to any one sector, affecting various sectors including business, medical, financial and energy. Some of the more notorious breaches included Sony Pictures Entertainment, in which hackers used phishing emails to penetrate the company’s network to secure confidential data and the Ukraine Power Outage, in which hackers used a spearfishing vector to distribute “BlackEnergy” malware and facilitate a major power outage.

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