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Governments are finally warming to address cybersecurity challenges

By Jim Cook, ANZ Regional Director, Attivo Networks  Attacks against public and private sector assets reached a crescendo in 2021, and moves are now underway to stem the tide more permanently. Cybersecurity is on the government radar and addressing it has finally become a top priority. It has taken a lot – potentially even too many …

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2019 Brings New Security Challenges

As larger banks fund enhanced security controls, attackers will turn their attention toward credit unions and other financial institutions with less mature security programs, Carolyn Crandall, chief deception officer at Attivo Networks, said. “Determined attackers have proven they can bypass security controls, moving the battlefield inside the network. Understanding the adversary and root cause analysis will be big themes for 2019. It will become even more critical to understand where the attack originated, how the adversary is attacking and what they are after.”

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