deception platform

The ‘H’ word

Written by: Nick Palmer, Technical Director, Europe – Honeypot. I always liked the term. Hailing right back to the comfort of my early childhood and images of Winnie the Pooh diving into one face first, then tracking to my first exposure to Lance Spitzner’s excellent book in 2002. It’s a descriptive and easily assimilable term, and for the uninitiated it’s also a really straightforward way to convey a competence that is still nascent in security circles.

Attivo Networks and Check Point Software Team Up to Improve Detection and Accelerate the Incident Response of Advanced Threats

Attivo Networks deception platform has integrated with Check Point R80 management platform. The integration combines prevention, advanced threat detection, and incident response capabilities into a collective defense solution capable of automatically identifying and blocking infected systems to prevent exfiltration of valuable company data and other malicious activities.

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