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Cloud Configurations Continue to Pose Data Center Security Challenges

According to an Attivo survey of security professionals conducted late last year, the cloud attack surface was the single greatest threat to enterprises. And a survey released earlier this year by Kansas-based security vendor Firemon revealed that 60% of those surveyed said their cloud deployments have accelerated past their ability to secure them.

Attivo Networks

Attivo Gets Unconventional About Attack Surfaces

Attivo Networks announced today that the company has enhanced its portfolio with new deception techniques designed to derail attacks targeting non-traditional attack surfaces. In addition to Internet-of-Things (IoT) and operational technology, attackers are now targeting devices and applications that can be harder to secure than standard servers and desktops. These devices and applications are increasingly being targeted by adversaries looking for the weak link in an organization’s network. The company’s new technology enhancements will provide organizations the comprehensive threat detection coverage required for today’s age of ever-evolving attack surfaces and threat landscape.

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