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Ransomware threat spooks House of Representatives

The House of Representatives has been targeted by a series of attempted ransomware attacks. Representatives and their staff are being warned by the House’s tech support staff to avoid any suspicious links sent to them via email, as that seems to be where the attackers are focusing their attention.

Ransomware is a form of malware attack that’s seen an upswing of attention in recent months. It works by baiting users into running code that encrypts the files on their computers, locking them out. At that point, the only way to remedy the situation is to pay a ransom to the perpetrator.


The annual performance review for agency information security is in and, while it does not mention there were big breaches this year, the scores reflect an executive branch in need of a significant IT tune-up.

During fiscal 2015, federal departments collectively reported 77,183 cybersecurity incidents, a 10 percent uptick from the number reported the previous year.

California AG data breach report: 24M records compromised in 2015

California’s attorney general Kamala Harris released the state’s third data breach report and found an increase in both the number of breaches and size of breaches reported in previous years.

The number of personal records that were compromised is staggering; 178 breaches were reported during 2015 and 24 million personal records were compromised.

The Anatomy of a Cyber Attack on Government Systems

With fewer resources than the private sector, yet faced with the same threats, the U.S. government is dealing with a complex dilemma. Both the public and government employees demand accountability for data breaches, but few understand the challenges that federal CIOs face – hiring and keeping specialized talent, paying for the hardware and software, and …

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