Executive Briefing Series Featuring CTO Tony Cole: Cybersecurity Strategies

Perhaps its constant state of change presents the most challenging characteristic of cybersecurity. Techniques, tools and tradecraft that worked last week may leave you vulnerable next week.

Luckily the federal government doesn’t sit still. Agencies operate in an environment of continuously updated policy, guidance and technology.

In this exclusive executive briefing, the following federal cybersecurity practitioners provide a read on the most contemporary cybersecurity thinking:


How agencies can mitigate the impact of inevitable cyber breaches

One of the Office of Management and Budget’s goals for FY19 is to standardize cybersecurity capabilities and practices across the federal government. However, deciding which of these capabilities need to be deployed is a challenge. Tony Cole, chief technology officer at Attivo Networks, says that there are multiple obstacles to maintaining continuous diagnostics and mitigation at government agencies.

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